Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What a week. I finally started to feel better from whatever "grunge" I had when it hit again. I mostly was freezing cold (I'm sure it was a fever) and just sat slumped in a chair wrapped in a sweater and my woobie robe. Couldn't even sum up enough apathy to want to watch tv. Just kind of sat and stared at the wall. And slept alot. I think it was a nasty sinus/allergy infection but Praise the Lord, I'm better!
Needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done. Plus, so tired from having those weird "fever" dreams while trying to sleep that I couldn't follow a knitting chart if someone had held my needles to my head.

But I have been working on this. It's an oversized, cabled vest from Plymouth yarns.

I bought the pattern awhile ago at my yarn store but I just got my new Patternworks and it's on the 3rd or 4th page. I like the yarn colorway and am also going to knit it in grey. It's knit sideways so it's going slowly but I think I'll really like it.
The red cups are back!!
I  don't know why it's exciting to see them back at Starbucks but I suppose it's the break in the routine of white cups. I don't get the specialty drinks....they are waaaayyyy too sweet for me but once a year I do treat myself to a soy gingerbread latte with only a few pumps of syrup and no whipped cream. Still sweet but not as tooth-rotting.
So. The other day I'm talking to my neighbor ( I call her to check everyday-she's in her late 80's ) and she told me about all the excitement I missed the night before. Seems that some man was walking up the side street where she lives and he had a gun. Now, I live on a four-lane state highway across the street from a business and a Krogers and a bank. It used to be all houses there but now is retail/office. Behind us is a little subdivison that deadends into an old school, which is now the Board of Education building for the school district of this area. So other than our subdivision it's alot of restaurants, businesses, a big retirement building, etc.... You get the point. Not someplace that one would normally see an armed man strolling along. Next to my house is a house that is now a dental clinic so it's empty at night and then the houses' start. So this man was walking up my neighbor's driveway and the people that live next to her saw the man on the sidewalk. They called the police and then everyone (but me) heard 2 or 3 gunshots and the man broke the neighbors' car window. My friend said that 3 police cars came and questioned her and the neighbors and brought a police dog who was even in my back yard searching for the guy. All of our yards touch at some point. I was sitting right in the kitchen all night, knitting and watching dvd and never heard a thing. Unfortunately, they didn't catch the guy but I did her that the husband of the woman who called got arrested! I know, right? Turns out he had a warrant in another county for traffic violations and I guess his wife didn't know and when they ran the plates on the car they found out. Ooops. And it was the weekend so they couldn't bail him out. I don't know what happened since then because my friend hasn't talked to the woman but geeze, what a mess. Several of the neighbors heard the shots but assumed it was fireworks because the general quote is "Those couldn't have been shots, this is too nice a neighborhood.'' Hello! It can happen anywhere, especially when you leave your cars parked on the street and in the driveways. What a mess.
Okay. I have to go and get some knitting done. I'm doing a mystery shawl knitalong from Knitting Like Crazy.
 See you soon!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Well, since I posted here the last time that I didn't feel well I had some kind of  bug and then was feeling better and the other day must have picked it up again. I think it was sinus related 'cause had the worst sinus headache ever and I think was a fever because I was freezing! Had on a sweater, a robe and 3 blankets. Then was so tired that spent the next 2 days in a heap. So I didn't get much done.
But I did get this finished.
So, I definitely will be posting in a few days!