Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I just love this yarn! It's Malabrigo and I think it shall be....hmmmm...I know, a pair of socks. It's soooo pretty. Went to a couple of yarn stores last week and some yarn had to come home with me.

Here's what I have been knitting on this week. Want to see? Okay. It is Monkey from 2007. I really like this pattern and I think it looks really good. Not so much a great looking picture (it was in a moving car while driving to the chiropractor-Amanda driving,not me). It's Lorna's Laces Sheperd sock in Rainbow. You can't really see it too well but the colors are just like the rainbow. So pretty. And soft. I will show some more yarn pictures for you. Until next time. And maybe I'll have some more socks to show.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well, we got high-speed on Monday and just now have gotten all the issues resolved that have kept us from actually getting online. Everyday I have spoken to people from Roadrunner, AOL, and Panda software trying to fix whatever the problem happens to be. FINALLY! we have connection. Found out that it was the Panda anti-virus/firewall blocking everything. As well as having 2 other anti-virus programs on here that I had no idea were running. So far so good.

I have gotten knitting done though. Wanna see? These are made from the Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" in the color Peacock ombre. I made the pattern myself and think it's cute.
I did get another pair of socks half done because I so did not want to even be in the same room as the computer after all the drama.
Then this morning I was changing a 4' florescent lightbulb when I dropped one and then got a shock from the casing. So I called the electrician 'cause better her than me. No,actually, I figured that she knows what she is doing and I'm not fond of "playing" with electricity. After all of this I just wanted to lie under the kitchen table and curl into a ball. No more stress! Next time the post will be better, I promise.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here are the lacy,mock cable socks that I finished for A. I think they came out really well. A fun and easy pattern.
The other socks are a bell lace pattern done in Red Heart Supersaver in "Camo". Now you see them, now you don't. Lol.
Well, we survived the earthquake yesterday morning. I woke up 'cause the bed was shaking. At first I thought I was just having a bout of vertigo--I have occasionally had those since having my wisdom teeth out--coincidence, maybe. But when I realized that my eyes were open and it really was shaking I thought..."huh, that's weird." Then m. called up and said we had an earthquake. Sure why not. I remember the last one so it wasn't too much different except I was in bed instead of the car. So that's where I was during the '08 earthquake!
Went to Lambikins today ( and got some needles (size 5 dpns Brittany birch 5")and a bee-u-ti-ful skein of Malabrigo for a pair of socks for me,me,me. I will have to post a picture next time. It is simply gorgeous and just keep looking at it. I think I will have to cast on something for it next. Sorry all you other yarns. Or maybe I'll show some willpower and use one of the other yarns...nah. Off to watch a Brit comedy-"My Family" and work on my socks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is what I did the last two days. Made myself a lovely pair of worsted weight socks out of the Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn". If you like acrylic and want a soft,cheap yarn then this is the yarn for you. I made a nice length pair of socks(not quite knee length) out of one skein. And you can't beat $2.49 for a pair.

Well, you know how I went to the park the other day to enjoy the weather? It's a good thing that we did because it is cold and windy and just yuck this weekend. Winter just doesn't want to let go yet. But here's a picture of the lovely trees that are on the way to the library. They line the street all the way and it is just breathtaking. Hopefully they won't get frozen this weekend.
Okay, off to make more socks. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I know, I know....bad blogger. I have been very lackadasical about getting on the computer this week. No excuses but I have a terrible sinus infection. Some days I feel as if my head is stuffed full of cotton balls. Well, cotton balls filled with ball bearings. But feeling somewhat better now.

Of course now it's supposed to rain for the next 3 or 4 days so that's always fun...not. Today was a beautiful day. About 75* and just fabulous. Went down to the park and sat and enjoyed the day and knitted. Almost finished with the lacy mock cable socks. They have taken entirely too long. But not much longer. Here's a shot of the little waterfall at the park. It's nice to just sit and listen to the water running over. Last year it didn't run hardly at all due to the drought so it's nice to see it going again. So far it doesn't seem like we're going to have a drought problem this year. If anything we've had too much rain. The backyard is still a slough in some spots. I found that out today when I went out to pick up some of the branches that were all over. There were some great big ones,it looked like a herd of caribou dropped their antlers all over...heehee.
Went to one of the lys here that is moving from the other side of town to my side of town (happy dancing abounds!). I'd never been to that one because I really never go over to that part of town but.......... they had a 25% off everything coupon and you know that it's just wrong not to use a coupon when they go to all the trouble of sending one. Plus, I thought it was a nice thing to relieve the owners from packing all the yarn. So 2 skeins came home with me. A nice tweed wool ( I forgot to look at the label but I will) that is destined to become a sock monkey hat for Amanda. And a skein of Trekking XXL for some socks for me.
Speaking of which, I must go and try and finish the socks. I am tired of looking at them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I finished the Linked rib scarf from the "Knitting New Scarves" kal we played. Yah! for me. Once I buckled down and just started knitting, the pattern was quite easy. Jill finished hers as well so Yah! for her also.
Jill is right, it does rather look like a snake...heehee.
I am very proud that I stuck with it when it just seemed like it was never going anywhere and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I think that I would probably make another from this book now that I have tackled this one.
I think that we are going to play along to the knitting Olympics. At least our own small little way. I think I'm going to knit the Nora Gaughan scarf/wrap from the last Vogue Knitting. It's made with Berrocco's Ultra Alpaca light and I have the yarn in the yummiest color of blueberry. Looks like it will be challenging but easy enough once I get going. Of course that's all the way in August so I could change up my mind by then.
Kind of a lazy day...BIG sinus/allergy so mostly just sat around and basically stared at the wall. I did finish the first of the lacy mock cable sock and cast on for the second so at least I wasn't totally "sloth-y".
You know what is really annoying? Nope, never mind. I am not going to get into that now as this is read by people now and just not going to do it. Cryptic, no? Maybe soon. We shall see.