Thursday, May 27, 2010

As promised here is some knitting. I did write out this post the other night but then the computer froze and that was the end of that. I did have the foresight to save the post (or at least most of it).
These are the Atlantic/Pacific socks from "Kristin Knits". They certainly are bright, no? I like the bobbled edge.

I do like the vest now that I fiddled with it a little bit. I just picked up stitches at the bottom and continued the garter stitch border for a few more inches. Much better. It's made with Peaches and Creme yarn in the colorway "Juanita Rose". I think it will keep me warm this fall.
Right now it's been so hot that I am only working on socks.

I have a pile of "want to be started right now" projects but I want to get the ones on the needles finished first.
Just got finished mowing the lawn. Whew!! HOT! But at least that is done for a few days.
Really haven't done too much cooking these last few days since it's been so hot. But have made some ice (soy) cream. Blackberry and today I made cherry. Very tasty. And I also made a loaf of bread because the bread machine really does all the work.
Alright. I am going to go get something to eat since it's already 10:00 pm and I don't want to wait any later. Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Knitting has actually been occurring here. This is the start of the candle flame shawl (pattern is on Ravelry...but there are corrections) and I think it's going to be stunning. Not to mention warm. I put it away for awhile since the temperature has ratcheted up exceedingly fast for this time of year. Today was in the 80*s and rather humid from all the rain we've had the last few days. On Friday it was crazy!We had so much rain so fast that the wall in the basement had trickles of water running down them from the rain coming down the front of the house and just coming against the house. I suppose I need to put down some more mulch. That probably will help stop rain. Although when it's coming down in sheets and gushing down the street, it's hard to say if anything will stop it at that point.
We had gone to Trader Joe's earlier in the day...they FINALLY got in their gluten-free waffles (yah for mom!) and by the time we had checked out it was absolutely teaming down. Of course I was wearing a cotton shirt and capris and by the time I went out to get the car I was totally drenched. All the way to my underoos. A most miserable drive home. And the seats in the car are fabric so I didn't want to lean back and soak it. And then the inside of the car steamed up so much we couldn't even see out the windows. A most unfortunate trip. I was so glad to get home and change and dry my hair. Then, of course, it got much warmer out and I was dressed for cooler weather. By then I had just given up.
Found some lovely blackberries on sale yesterday and made the most delicious basil-blackberry crisp with balsamic vinegar and it so soooo good. Quite different with the basil. I probably should've gotten more basil plants since I practically stand over mine and wait for the leaves to grow! And I am proud to announce -I have 8 tomatoes on my plant!! I can't wait for them to be ready.
I'm also putting together some blackberry soy cream and a wonderful apple-arugula salad for tomorrow. When it starts warming up all I want is fruit and cold dishes and salads.
I am almost finished with the sampler vest. I tried it on the other day and it was a few inches shorter than I would've liked. Since the bottom is a garter stitch border I just seamed it up and picked up stitches and continued it on for another few inches. It looks much better. I am now on the border around the front edges and neck. Over 300 stitches so it takes awhile to get through a row. But I feel very satisfied when I get to the end.
Off to finish knitting (so I can start something else!). Stay cool.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As promised, here is a knitting photo. It's the Textured Sampler vest from Lion Brand and it's knit in Peaches and Cream cotton. I made one for mom last year and decided to make the shorter version for myself. I'm not sure if I will like it or not. It seems like it might be too short. But I will measure it against some of my other vests and probably will be surprised.Here is an apple cake that I made today. Very tasty. It's made with shredded Granny Smiths, applesauce, dried apples and apple juice in the glaze.
Well, just a check-in today. I have "the sinus" and a splitting headache. See you in a day or two.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yarn stash. I bought this a month or so ago at Yarns and Fabrications. They had it listed as a fingering weight,which I thought was a little thin but what do I know? Turns out it's a lace weight so now I must find a pattern to knit. Anyone have a good pattern suggestion that takes less than 450 yards? Something like a shawl or wrap?
It's pretty though. It's Sekku and I really like the colors.This is what I made yesterday. Baked onion rings from my new cookbook "American Vegan Kitchen". OH MY! It's a good thing that I only made 1 onion worth because I totally could have made myself sick eating them. Soooooo good. And totally easy to prepare. So far everything that I've made from it has been a keeper.
And this is a collard green/red cabbage slaw-type salad that was the side dish.

No knitting pictures today but will post some in the next few days.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I planned on posting sooner this week but everytime I got on I had to do something with the computer...from having it freeze to having to uninstall and then re-install the virus program and by the time I'm finished dealing with all these things that are really much beyond my "ken" I am overwhelmed and just want to shut the thing down and walk away. While I really like the computer sometimes I miss the times before everyone had one. I mean, what did we all do before we all had cell phones? I still remember when I was in high school and the radio in my car "died" and I had to use a tape player with cassette tapes for music. Yeah, yeah, I know, I just really dated myself. That was before the big "boom" boxes. And now I have mp3 players and computer programs. Waxing nostalgic here it seems. But I do miss my mix tapes. And if I do say so myself... I used to make pretty good mix tapes.
Here is what I have finished last week. The good news is that it was cold enough the last 2 days to get to wear them! I dyed the yarn myself with KoolAid and am pretty pleased with them. The pattern is Zephyr from Ravelry and it went fast and they are so comfortable.
The yarn is Knit Picks Bare and quite a bargain. Over 400 yards for under $5.00. And have a decent ball left over.

I will definately dye my own again. And use the powdered drink mix as they look good.

Here are a few more pictures from the nursery. Isn't this just the cutest pony?
Bought a tomato plant last week and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will make it through living with me. I don't have the greatest track record at keeping plants alive although I do have the best intentions. I over obsess about watering them and must "love" them to death. So far I have 2 tiny tomatoes! We are under a frost advisory for tonight and I brought in all the herbs but couldn't carry the tomato because it's in a huge pot with about 60 lbs. of dirt. I had no idea that it would take that much dirt to fill the thing!
Here is the donkey. He was mostly interested in eating. I know how he feels.

Went to Starbucks today (and yesterday....fine, I can't help it) because they now have make your own Frappucinos. And they can be vegan. Woot! And at half-price you can't beat getting a big drink for under $2.50. Had a coffee, extra coffee Frappucino with no whip cream and oh my!! So good. I can see how these are addictive.

Don't have any food pictures this time but made the best noodle "pie/frittata" type thing that was fabulous. It's from a new book called "American Vegan Kitchen" and it's full of recipes that are reminiscent of diner meals and recipes. All kinds of things that I want to make. Including fried avocado wedges. Yeah that doesn't sound awful or anything...teehee.
Also got the new "Vegan on the Cheap" by Robin Robertson and so far everything has been a winner. Just not enough hours in the day to make and eat everything.
Well, back to the knitting. I have just cast on for a sampler vest for myself (don't judge me! I know I still have the celtic poncho. I'll get to it. Don't laugh!) and a season of Numbers to watch. See you soon.