Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sorry about not posting for so long. I just couldn't seem to get up enough interest to be on the computer, much less post on here. But here I am so hopefully I can make it up to you. If there's actually anyone out there reading this. Hope everyone had a great holiday.
Yesterday we had some nasty weather (as I'm sure many did). Lots of ice on the driveway,which was then covered with snow. Shoveling the drive was like mowing the lawn with the lawnmower strapped to your back! So tired afterward that I didn't care that we had some more snow on top of it. I got the rest of it scraped off today. But I certainly did enjoy putting on my jimjams and wobie and making a very large pot of tea after I came in. Nothing better than slippers and knitting and a hot cuppa on a windy, freezing cold night.

Been doing alot of cooking. Seems like it's such a cozy thing to have the slow cooker running and making the whole house smell so good. Today I made braciole-style stuffed eggplant from "Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker'' by Robin Robertson and it's just fabulous.
These are bierocks -a German style stuffed bun, filled with tempeh and sauerkraut that you then bake right in the bun.
The recipe is from "Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day" which I love 'cause lately I really like sandwiches. I never did that much but this book has so many different choices that I can't get enough.
This is a vegan "cheese" which is a brie with mushrooms and truffle oil. This is the blog that has the recipe on it and I have made quite a few of the cheeses from her book. I first found them in the cheese issue of VegNews and sooooo good. Who knew that vegan cheese could be so good. I need to make some more so I think the next batch will be the "emmanthaler" which is like a swiss cheese. Although...the mushroom truffled brie was so fabulous that I may have to  make that again.
The knitting has been going full blast. I made an oversized cabled vest (the pattern is on the Plymouth site) and a bunch of socks and some gloves.
These are the Put-it-all-together gloves from "Kristin Knits". I love to make her patterns, so much fun.
I also did a mystery shawl knitalong with the KnitLike Crazy group on Ravelry. Alot of fun and the first lace shawl I've made without a mistake. Woohoo!
I would've liked to have blocked it with points but I'm not that great at blocking yet. I really like the pattern though and would make it bigger next time. I did make this one bigger though- it's about 63" by 21" or something close to that. Very  enjoyable.
Okay. The laundry is finished so I will run down and hang it up. Have a great night and stay warm.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm here but knitting. Will post soon.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Seriously? Where did the time go to ? Been a crazy few weeks and sometimes the days just seem to run together. But I have gotten some projects knitted.
This is called "The Age of Brass and Steam" from Ravelry and it's a little shawlette.

I made it using the Rambling Rose yarn (Eggplant color) that I won and it's so soft and the color variation is just lovely. I had a little left over but not enough to make it any bigger, which is a pity. I have several shawlettes but am trying to make them bigger as I knit new ones.
This is a knitalong that I'm doing right now from Jen Lucas' Knitting Like Crazy group on Ravelry. It's a mystery shawl and I'm really enjoying it. Plus, she gave options to make it bigger so I'm going for that. Because I have a lot of yarn left over.
I used this color because I had it in my stash for something else. I am on a yarn embargo diet for awhile because last week the car had to go to the mechanic and got itself a lovely new radiator, timing belt, waterpump and various other sundry bits and pieces and over $700.00 later--voila! Quite a crimp in the yarn cookbooks extra budgets. But it's cheaper than a car payment and it runs great.
Here is the other project I finished. It's a cape from Vogue Knitting and I love the buttons.


The color is off but it's a lovely burgundy color with cables down the front and a center cable down the back.
Okay. I have to go and run an errand but I will be back with more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What a week. I finally started to feel better from whatever "grunge" I had when it hit again. I mostly was freezing cold (I'm sure it was a fever) and just sat slumped in a chair wrapped in a sweater and my woobie robe. Couldn't even sum up enough apathy to want to watch tv. Just kind of sat and stared at the wall. And slept alot. I think it was a nasty sinus/allergy infection but Praise the Lord, I'm better!
Needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done. Plus, so tired from having those weird "fever" dreams while trying to sleep that I couldn't follow a knitting chart if someone had held my needles to my head.

But I have been working on this. It's an oversized, cabled vest from Plymouth yarns.

I bought the pattern awhile ago at my yarn store but I just got my new Patternworks and it's on the 3rd or 4th page. I like the yarn colorway and am also going to knit it in grey. It's knit sideways so it's going slowly but I think I'll really like it.
The red cups are back!!
I  don't know why it's exciting to see them back at Starbucks but I suppose it's the break in the routine of white cups. I don't get the specialty drinks....they are waaaayyyy too sweet for me but once a year I do treat myself to a soy gingerbread latte with only a few pumps of syrup and no whipped cream. Still sweet but not as tooth-rotting.
So. The other day I'm talking to my neighbor ( I call her to check everyday-she's in her late 80's ) and she told me about all the excitement I missed the night before. Seems that some man was walking up the side street where she lives and he had a gun. Now, I live on a four-lane state highway across the street from a business and a Krogers and a bank. It used to be all houses there but now is retail/office. Behind us is a little subdivison that deadends into an old school, which is now the Board of Education building for the school district of this area. So other than our subdivision it's alot of restaurants, businesses, a big retirement building, etc.... You get the point. Not someplace that one would normally see an armed man strolling along. Next to my house is a house that is now a dental clinic so it's empty at night and then the houses' start. So this man was walking up my neighbor's driveway and the people that live next to her saw the man on the sidewalk. They called the police and then everyone (but me) heard 2 or 3 gunshots and the man broke the neighbors' car window. My friend said that 3 police cars came and questioned her and the neighbors and brought a police dog who was even in my back yard searching for the guy. All of our yards touch at some point. I was sitting right in the kitchen all night, knitting and watching dvd and never heard a thing. Unfortunately, they didn't catch the guy but I did her that the husband of the woman who called got arrested! I know, right? Turns out he had a warrant in another county for traffic violations and I guess his wife didn't know and when they ran the plates on the car they found out. Ooops. And it was the weekend so they couldn't bail him out. I don't know what happened since then because my friend hasn't talked to the woman but geeze, what a mess. Several of the neighbors heard the shots but assumed it was fireworks because the general quote is "Those couldn't have been shots, this is too nice a neighborhood.'' Hello! It can happen anywhere, especially when you leave your cars parked on the street and in the driveways. What a mess.
Okay. I have to go and get some knitting done. I'm doing a mystery shawl knitalong from Knitting Like Crazy.
 See you soon!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Well, since I posted here the last time that I didn't feel well I had some kind of  bug and then was feeling better and the other day must have picked it up again. I think it was sinus related 'cause had the worst sinus headache ever and I think was a fever because I was freezing! Had on a sweater, a robe and 3 blankets. Then was so tired that spent the next 2 days in a heap. So I didn't get much done.
But I did get this finished.
So, I definitely will be posting in a few days!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brrrrr. I'm thankful I don't live on the East coast but man, it's windy and cold here. I just can't seem to get warm even with my lovely handknit socks.
I've been busily knitting to get a vest done for mom and just seamed it up this morning. I figured she would need it with it getting colder and she's lost so much weight from eating gluten-free. So she seems to like it.
Here's the front.
And here's the back.
I used Impeccable Loops and Threads from Michael's and it just used one big skein of it. Less than 850 yards. Plus, I used a 50% coupon and got it for under $5.00.  A winner all around. The pattern is the Textured vest from Lion Brand ( Very fast and easy. I've already knit this twice but they were WAY too big.
Been busy cooking also. This week I was cooking from Robin Robertson's "Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker" and it's fabulous. Yesterday I made moroccan inspired stuffed squash with a kabocha squash that is great. And also quinoa stuffed peppers. I wasn't sure that I would like the slow cooker because I never have before but the slow cooker rules! The best part is the fast clean up. My favorite!
Also made some chocolate stout chili and some beer yeast rolls from the leftover beer.

 Here are some lovely fall shots. We stopped wherever we saw something beautiful.
Which is good, because I think this will be it for the leaves. Especially since we are going to be under a wind advisory for the next few days. I just hope that the leaves all blow out of my yard!

These 2 photos are from a park in the city that isn't particularly safe but there were alot of people there and we just drove through. 
I love mums. They're so pretty.
I drove past this tree this morning and all empty of leaves.
But it sure was pretty.
Okay. I'm not feeling 100% so I'm going to make a cuppa and lie down for awhile. Stay safe and warm and keep knitting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knitting! I'll be here in a day or two.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Yes, yes, I know. I'm awful. I was really planningto write sooner but had a rush knitting job that I needed to get done. Amanda wanted another Trellis shawl to wear while working at the Renaissance festival so I worked tirelessly on the thing. It's done now! 
I'm glad she likes it.
Finally got some cold weather and wearing socks now. The hardest part was deciding which pair to wear first!
I've been cooking with my slow cookers lately and just got Robin Robertson's book "Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker" and it's fabulous! I love her cookbooks and this one is a big hit. The evening it came I sat down and looked through it trying to find something to make that wouldn't take that much time 'cause I couldn't wait until the next day. So I made the "cheesy macaroni bake". Took less than 2 hours and WOW! Absolutely delicious and so easy. The next day I made her "Grandma Gennaro's Minnestre" soup and also fabulous. I'm not the biggest fan of vegetable soup but this is so good.
Here's what I made in the slow cooker the other day. Stuffed peppers with Israeli couscous, sundried tomatoes, lentils and mmmmmm. Another hit.Topped with a lovely tomato sauce.
These are chocolate stout cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate stout ganache. Oooooh they are out of this world good.I've made 2 batches of these and they go like wildfire. Got the lovely chocolate stout from Trader Joe's and it's very good. At least in the cupcakes.
 I can't believe the stupid fuzzy tree rat that has been hanging around my herbs. Today I caught him licking the pots and eating my thyme. Really???? He was lying across two of them like he was at the spa. I'd hate to have to "relocate" them like the others but if they keep hanging around I will.
Okay. I have to go because I'm making soy milk and it's ready to go. I WILL be back soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Geeze. Where did the time go? One of these times I will post sooner. The time just seems to be flying by these days.
It's finally gotten cooler here. We've actually been colder than usual these past few days with temperatures at 35* last night. Now it will be in the 70*s but that's still much better. Not cool enough for socks but it's so much nicer. I sure did miss having pots of tea all day but have had many since the weather turned. Ahhhh. So lovely. Right now having a cup of Blackberry Sage.
Been using the slow cookers right this weekend. Right now I'm making Cinnamon syrup from "The Vegan Slow Cooker" by Kathy Hester. It's a good book with lots of great recipes. The cinnamon syrup will be for coffee drinks and apple cider and it smells fantastic! Also made some gumbo yesterday with some of the purple okra that I picked up at the farmers' market. I didn't go yesterday because several of the booths where I shop where not going to be there. Probably will go on Sunday because there's only a few more Sundays that it will be there. I often feel bereft during the winter for the lack of farmers' markets.

Knitting is moving right along.This is a twisted headband to match the sweater and scarf I just made. Doesn't really look like much but it's cute when worn.
This is the Oversized scarf I made to match the sweater I just finished. It's the scarf from the fall issue of Vogue knitting. The other thing I've been trying to finish is my Swiss Cheese scarf.
I'm about 2/3rds done and I really like it. It's made from Kauni EQ and I enjoy the color changes.
Okay, just a short post since I've been so lackadasical about posting and I'm going to try and do better. But I have to knit something commissioned so I'm off.
Have a great night and enjoy your knitting.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I was so sure that I was posting in a timely manner and imagine my surprise when I saw the last post was on the 31st. Where did the time go?
I think it must've been because last week we had some nasty weather last week, which kept me off the computer when it was especially bad. At least it's cooler right now. We had lovely temperatures in the low 70*s over the weekend and what a nice change. I would just walk outside and breath a sigh of relief. Going to warm up again but at least I feel that there is an end in sight. When it's so unbearably hot it is simply draining and feel like it's never going to end. It wasn't cool enough to wear socks or anything but it did get me thinking about them. My sister works a booth at the local renassiance festival and she was very glad to have all her handknits because it drops down into the 50*s at night and she gets chilly.  She was thrilled to pull out all of her scarves, wraps, hats and socks. Looked like she was having a knitted garage sale in her living room.
Here's one of the things that I'm working on now.
This is the "Oversized Cable scarf" by Martin Storey in the new early fall Vogue knitting issue. I thought it would be nice to make it to go with my aran sweater. This is the true color of the yarn rather than the picture in the previous post. It's moving right along because it's knit on size 15's. I don't like knitting with anything larger than an 8 but it is going fast.
Today I went to my local Starbucks and when I ordered my soy latte they asked if I wanted anything else and I replied that I wanted mine in a pretty floral cup. And this is what they did.

Got my lovely floral cup! lol.
Went to the farmers' market Sunday and got a nice haul. I will be sad when they are over for the year, which is soon I think. By the beginning of October. So I will have to buy my produce in the store :(
I got a huge bunch of kale and swiss chard, some yellow wax beans and some dried Jacob's Cattle beans, which I got earlier in the season and loved them. I cooked them in the slow cooker then froze them. They stayed nice and firm and didn't get mushy when I made maple baked beans in the slow cooker. I still have a few containers left in the 'fridge so I think I'll make root beer baked beans, which are fabulous.
I'm really enjoying using my slow cooker(s). I went to the store the other day and bought a huge amount of tomatoes on the discount rack and make diced tomatoes. Got the equivalent of 17 cans of tomatoes which are in flattened plastic freezer bags stacked in the freezer. I do like having beans and tomatoes in the deep freeze all ready to go. I always have wanted to can but it kind of scares me. Just like a pressure cooker. I mean the scary part is in the name!
Here are the stitch markers that I won as part of a knitalong for ClaireEllen Designs. I LOVE her patterns. So not only did I get some beautiful stitch markers I got a stunning pair of socks.The next ones that I will knit are Eowyn I just have to find the perfect yarn for them.
Okay. I am definitely going to try and post sooner. Have a great night and get some knitting done!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Okay. Lost the last post so let's try it again. Sorry about the abbreviated posting yesterday but was feeling kind of cruddy with a nasty sinus headache and allergies from the stupid goldenrod which is starting to bloom. Ick.
Finished sewing together my Kilmory sweater and here it is. Sorry about the blurry photos but mom's not good with the cell phone camera.
 Here's the Ravelry link if you want:  I think I like it though. At least it's wearable, which is more than I can say for my last sweater. It's acrylic but I thought it would be good to just throw on when it was chilly. (If it ever gets chilly, which I'm having a hard time picturing!)
This is a felted messanger bag for Amanda that I put together this week. I knit it and she felts it and then I sew it up. Team work.

Not the best picture but you get the idea. The yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and the colors are really pretty. Amanda colors for sure.
Have gotten some great produce at the farmers' market these past couple of trips. I cooked some heirloom Jacobs' Cattle beans in the slow cooker and then made maple baked beans and they are delicious! Too bad we probably won't be going this Sunday as we are getting the remnants of hurricane Isaac. We really desperately need the rain but I'm glad that we are only going to get 1-3". It will be a great weekend to stay inside and knit and maybe do some cooking.
 I am so ready for fall. I want to wear my handknit socks and clothes and have hot cider and smell the falling leaves and feel the lovely, crisp air. And I am so tired of wearing shorts! Hopefully it will be soon. I am ready for some Cranberry Autumn tea from Harney and Sons. It seems to be just the perfect tea for fall. And pumpkin-cranberry scones. Well, maybe I'll make those this weekend.
No plans for the holiday. Just a nice,quiet weekend with maybe a trip to Starbucks for a soy latte. Sounds like a holiday trip to me!
Okay, going to take some ibuprophen and lie down for a little while. Hope you all have a great, safe holiday with lots of knitting!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

No excuse for not posting other than I just couldn't make myself sit down and do it. But I did finish my Kilmory sweater so that's something. Also finished these.
So I will post tomorrow because have a few things to do tonight.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes, yes. I know. It's been over a week. But I really do have a good (well, good to me) excuse. I was participating in a kal. Didn't win the pattern collection but did win some stitch markers.  Have gotten some from this person before and they are beautiful so I can't wait to see them. The socks are "Gollum" from ClaireEllen Designs and like all of her patterns, I love them.
The yarn was a great choice for them.

I was having so much fun watching the pattern that I kept knitting them. I wish it were cool enough to wear them. And it would be nice if I could wear more than one pair at a time!
Went to Glenwood Gardens the other day for a farmers' market/environmental "fair" they were having. They opened up the Highland Discovery Garden for free for the day and here are some fun photos.

You can't see it very well but the picture with the pot of flowers and the sculpture was enveloped in mist and looked very mystical and secretive. Plus it was fun to walk through.

This was also the "tunnel of mist" that you could walk through. And the fun little houses they had tucked all over.
Just a wild shot photo of some of the park.

More of the little houses by the train tracks that ran around some of it. And a view going in.
This is the cool tree that kids can climb around and in and over. It reminds me of the Weeble house....weebles wobble but they don't fall dowwwwnnnnn.

Just some of the fun bits that were all over the tree. A cool place for kids to play. And not too shabby for adults either.
Knitting some more socks for kals that I need to have finished by the end of August. I'm working on a pair called "Winter Games" that are moving right along.
So I need to get off here now since it's storming and who needs to be on the ''box'' at that time. See you soon.