Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finished sock! I really like the yarn (Aruncia) but not so sure about the pattern (Hedgerow from Knitters Review). By the time I decided I wasn't thrilled with the pattern I was far enough along that I didn't want to rip it out and start again. But still pretty. This color is a little closer to the true color.
The first shot is from the back of sis's car on the way up to Dayton. We hadn't gone on a small road trip in quite awhile and the day was beautiful so off we went. There is a big health food store up there and they have items we don't have down here so it was a fun trip. I did get to run into Wooly Bully but I was a good girl and didn't buy anything (there anyway!).
Been getting lots of knitting done. Finished my lovely wristwarmers made from Mini Mochi yarn. So pretty but not my favorite yarn. Rather "splitty" and thick and thin in spots. But the colors are intense and they made lovely wristlets.
Also working on some unmentionable knitting so pretend you didn't see that! lol.

This is an "omelet" that I made the other day. It's actually tofu with sauteed vegetables. Yum. And I think it actually looks like an omelet. I found the recipe in Vegan Brunch, which is a great cookbook. It's hard to find breakfast/ brunch recipes so I love the cookbook.
And now it's time for me to get something to eat as I am feeling a little peckish.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Okay, now I apologize for the angry post. Aol fixed the problem. Turned out that a ''bot'' had gotten one of our screen names and sent out a bulk commercial email and it alerted Aol and they shut down the account. A very nice woman at Aol helped me right out on Monday morning and now we are as right as rain.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is my official "I am highly irritated and just want to kick something" post. Or as they say, (who is "they" anyway?) I've got my Irish up!! Went to sign onto Aol today and got a message that the account was suspended!!! WHAT? Excuse me? And you can't even talk to anyone there because there is no one in the office until Monday morning. Yeah right. I'm so sure. It's probably a good thing though 'cause I am irate!!! Thank you for listening and there will be knitting on the next post. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's what I made the other day. Wee sock earrings!
Too cute!

Well, I posted here last week (possibly longer than that) that the Celtic poncho was almost finished. I should have never said it out loud until it was actually finished. I held it up to myself and it needs to be longer. So I'm going to have to make more stupid triangles. *sigh*.
I am trying to get more knitting done so I haven't been on the computer much. It's been so hot these past few days! In the 90*s and humid. I get hot just sitting here.
It was just a little cooler today. Not much but I had some vegetables that I needed to cook. I made stuffed pattypan squash, stuffed red peppers, garlicky kale with tahini dressing, roasted okra (yum) and apple-ginger cake. It was unbearably hot when I finished cooking and the last thing I wanted to do was eat anything. But it will be nice to have some meals for the next few days. Plus I had some 30% off coupons from Borders and treated myself to a few new cookbooks. "Vegan with a Vengence" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and "Vegan Lunchbox Around the World" by Jennifer McCann. I really like the lunchbox books because they are chockful of great meals to pack in ...that's right....lunchboxes. And it's great to be able to take my own meal with me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy weather this time of year. Here's what we saw walking out of the store. The camera on my phone really didn't do it was beautiful. Such lovely colors. It was raining on one side and quite sunny on the other. One of the sunny days when we were running errands and the flowers in this suburb are fabulous. They line the entire street on both sides for about a mile. At Christmas they have lights all along and it's beautiful to see. Although very distracting when you are trying to drive!

Another shot.They are really thriving from all the rain we've had. I certainly wish it would stop raining though. I'm sick of mowing the lawn!! By this time the lawn is drying out and I can pat the mower as I walk by (snickering all the time).
This is what I've been working on this past week. Feather and fan pattern and the yarn is Bernat Sox. I don't care for it so much. Rather like the Berrocco Comfort Socks, it's soft and I have to really pull tight to get some good tension. But they are nice regardless and the person for whom they are intended should like them. At least I hope so. They took quite a while to knit as they are a size 11. Whew!
A view of the fish tank at the Chinese restaurant where I like to pick up dinner once in awhile. No fish

Cool decorations inside and great food. Good price and you get alot of food. Yum.

Friday, August 07, 2009

MMMmmmmm! I can't decide which one to have for dinner.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Isn't this just the best looking Swiss chard? I have really been enjoying cooking with it lately. I made a great polenta vegetable primavera with half of it and the other is destined for chard, fennel and pasta dish. Yum.My newest sock is ready to be knitted. Actually it's all rolled up and I've started on the pattern. It's Hedgerow from Knitters Review and shows the hand painted yarn quite well. The yarn is Arunica and I just love the colors.

Here's another shot of the crazy stuff at Jungle Jim's. Every time I go there is something new there.There's a contest at 1870 Pearl's Go and comment and win a chance for some yarny goodness! Plus, her blog is really fun with some great pictures.
Finally broke down and bought some software to clean up my computer. It was running slow but I am not "techie" in any sense of the word so was afraid to do anything. But went to Target (where they had dvd's of Northern Exposure for $19.99 each season) and found some software by Iolo called Software Mechanic and it's FABULOUS!! Very straightforward and easy to work. And the computer runs so fast now. It's amazing. Only cost $19.95 and well worth the money.
Here's a meme for you: To get ano overview of the kind of music you listen to.
Turn on your player, shuffle and list the first 15 songs,title and artist. (no skipping now!)
1.My Hands are Shaking-Sondre Lerche
2.The End of Outside-Duncan Sheik
3.What Do You Do?-The Proclaimers
4.Anakin's Betrayal-Star Wars Episode 3
5.You're Still You-Josh Grobin
6.Signs of Life-Moby
7.Come on Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners
8.God will Lift Up Your Head-Jars of Clay
9.We are the Champions-Queen
10.Don't Talk-10,000 Maniacs
11.Anakin's Dark Deed-Star Wars
12.Everybody Hurts-R.E.M.
13.Sweater Song-Weezer
14.Shock the Monkey-Peter Gabriel
15. Amazing Grace-Sarah Brightman
Go and play your own list as well.