Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ooooh I do hate when my post disappears. Not that interesting, but still. You take the time to write it and "poof", gone.
M. found out on Saturday that she also won a door prize from the Yarn Market...sorry Jill. Got it today in the mail. A cute little kit with raffia yarn (color: Dirty Denim) and instructions for crocheting flowers. Should be fun to play with soon.
Been knitting another pair of wristlets-pattern from lys called "Ribberta". Knit in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in a purply-tweed. They are fast to knit and it is so hot, who wants to have yarn in your lap? Hopefully it will cool down soon. Still so hoooooooooootttttttttt.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here is the razor scarf that I've been working on. It is made fromCrystal Palace Kid merino and is impossible to unknit. So don't make any mistakes. As I'm sure you know, I haven't made any mistakes on it....hahahahahaha. But I think it will still look good when it is finished and blocked. It's not too noticable.

Tuesday night was YARN Market and I marketed. I don't have any pictures of my stash...yet...but I can tell you what I bought.

Okay,ready? I bought yarn for another felted satchel for A. and me.

*Yarn Source Sol 100% wool-black and cream for A. and burgundy and burnt orange for me.

*A beautiful lace weight (drool) by Conjoined Creations-http://www.blogger.com/www.conjoinedcreations.com .Called Pastimes Album Collection, color-Love Child. 800 yards. Now I have to decide what pattern to use.

*DP Needle Tube-Telescopic DPN case

*size 2 5" Dpn's Brittany Birch

*ooohhh,ooooh, this one is gorgeous--Lorna Laces Shepherd Worsted 100% superwash Color-Flame.

*The Lizard Ridge pattern (actually the lady at the booth gave me the pattern free)

*Spiral Short Row Scarf pattern-a sock weight pattern and Mohair Spiral Scarf pattern (knit with Crystal Palace Kid Merino.

*A skein of Tofutsies by SWTC in a pink/purple colorway.

*A wonderful book-Knit Kimono-18 Designs with simple shape by Vicki Square.

*And....tahdah! I won a door prize. A Skacel Circular Needle Case,which is nice because I have been keeping all of mine in a plastic bag in a knapsack.

I am sure that if I had stayed longer I would have gotten more but I am pleased with what I bought and can't wait to start new things.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's a picture of the ill-fated tee-shirt sweater. It just looks awful. But I'm glad it's all done and I don't have to look at it anymore.
Still so HOT! Have almost finished the back of m's sweater and have started (don't judge me!) the alligator mittens from one of the Stitch 'n B***ch books for A. They should be really cute. And pretty fast.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Got to go to Stampaway yesterday but was feeling kind of cruddy because I had done something to my neck. Ouch! My poor neck. It looked really kind of creepy because one side of my shoulder was much lower than the other and just hurt all over my shoulders and back. Very tight and bunched up. But I had a good time anyway and got some really good "loot". And held back a nice amount for Yarn Market....woohoo! Have several projects that I am looking for yarn but otherwise I am going to see what tickles my fancy. Probably several fancy-tickling things will be looking for me, I'm sure.
And it is still hot! So far it's been 14 days straight over 90*. A few more days and we will break a record. Oh goodie.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just the hottest,yuckiest ever. 100* and with the heat index it feels like 108*. I've been in the house but still have been dragging around. I did knit for a while but just couldn't seem to concentrate. I found a bunch of Vegetarian Times at the library and they have alot of vegan recipes so I have been copying some of those. Too bad it's too hot to turn on the stove or oven. So it's watermelon or cereal 'cause it's fast and cold and doesn't have to be prepared.
Saturday is Stampaway so A. and I will be heading out to do some shopping. I am not getting alot of stuff 'cause I'm saving up for the Yarn Market on the 21st. That's where I got alot of yarn last year.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Woohoo!!! I think I have fixed the computer problem, Praise Jesus!!! It was some kind of Internet Explorer problem not connected with the Panda security software. So far, so good.
I have been working on my "harlotty" socks and am now working on the heel flap. They knit up really fast and have really been enjoying them. If I need help I think I might go to the knitting group at Barnes and Noble tomorrow night and oops...the new Interweave Knits is in. How handy! And the new anniversary Vogue knits. Gee, maybe they will have to come home with me....heehee.
It is still so bloody hot. Had to get up at 7:30 this morning to get the lawn mowed. Those few days of some spotty rain showers obviously made the grass grow. Whew. Glad to have that almost done. Still have to mow inside the back fence but no one can see it, so who cares? Besides, I am almost afraid to go back there since the coyote is coming into the yard and eating some "snacks" and leaving bones....eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Nasty. And the snake that I almost picked up when picking up limbs. I like nature, but mostly from the window.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Watch it, she's a biter." Jill.
Heehee. That's a quote from Monday night "fight club". Still haven't gotten the ''box'' fixed yet, but think we're on the right track. So we'll see.
So HOT. Almost too hot to do anything but sit and knit and watch some PBS dvd's. And listening to the Yarn Harlot's books on cd's. Quite amusing. Went to 'bucks for a venti iced soy latte....mmmmm. Also got a few new mugs (when they are on sale it's such a good deal) and a sample of a very wonderful smelling tea-Berryblossom White. It is described as "A delicate tea with enticing hints of blueberry & white cranberry". I haven't tasted it but it smells quite lovely.
I am off to watch an episode of "Rosemary and Thyme" a very good British mystery series and knit on my sock. Knit away!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finished A.'s big sweater...all the sewing up is done...woohoo! And the stupid cotton sweater. I am glad that is done.
I am not happy with this ''box'' right now. Had to spend at least an hour and a half working on the phone and online with AOL because we were having all kinds of trouble including not being able to sign on. Everything seems to be fixed except I don't have any of my favorite places. But I am sure they will be back. GGGGRRRR!