Thursday, February 25, 2010

Woohoo!!! Wild happy dancing abounds. Ragna is FINISHED. I can't get a full shot because there's too much of me for the camera phone to capture..teehee...but you can get the gist of it from some of these pictures.
The only thing that I don't really care for it that I am reminded of a prow of a ship when looking at my profile. I'm not a tiny, little thing (think linebacker shoulders and arms!) but I should have taken that into account when making a thick, cabled sweater.
But it's still lovely so it'll do.
I do like the color though.
Now onto my chullo hat for myself.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rufus says "HI". He likes to look at the camera...right before taking a bite out of it! They love to have their picture taken. Finally got some decent weather! Here is a picture of the plain "car sock" that I'm knitting right now. I am in the back seat of the car because our neighbor wanted to come out and run some errands with us. She is older and it was still slushy/icy in some spots (especially her driveway) so we picked her up and did some shopping. Found some great vegetable buys at the market where we get alot of our produce. But they were out of all their greens except a few bundles of kale. Guess greens are the thing to eat this weekend.

Got myself a fun treat today. At one of my lys they have a frequent shopper card that when it's filled you get $25.00 free. I filled mine today and brought home the coolest dvd--"50 Socks-50 States plus designs for Canada, Mexico and the US Territories". That's 58 patterns total. I thought that was the best bang for the buck since it was only $24.95. Sweet. As soon as I finish Ragna (got the front done last night!Only sleeves to go) I will pick one to knit.
Here is some fabulous soup I made yesterday. It's lentil, greens and orzo soup. Just delicious and quite healthy. Since it has beans (lentils) and pasta (orzo) it is a whole protein so all that's needed is a tasty slice of bread. Which I have since my neighbor just made a lovely loaf of homemade bread and shared some with me. It looks so good. Of course, to me there is nothing better than a slice of homemade bread right out of the oven with some Earth Balance margarine slathered on top. Mmmmm. Better than dessert in my opinion.

Monday, February 15, 2010


A Haiku

Snow-it's the white death.

I'm tired of shoveling.

The snow-disgusting.

That's about the only civil thing I can think to say right now. I'm sick of shoveling and the driveway gets smaller every time. I am running out of places to push the snow. And the snow plow just keeps throwing more slushie crud in the bottom of the drive. I have to move it away because I don't want it to freeze on the driveway because I like to get out when needed.

Okay. I bought myself a birthday present yesterday and I just can't decide which project to knit first. Here's the book. I love it. The colors are so vibrant and mixed.

Here's the first one I want: The Bloomsbury gauntlets.

The next: Last minute mitts.

And finally: cuffed socks.

Here are the colors that I have for the project. The dark one on the top left is actually a nice, deep,dark purple. The main color will be the orange-y color on the right side(the colors didn't come up great...the ball in the front is actually red). So what do you all think? Which one should I knit first?
I was going knit in the Knitting Olympics but decided to finish what I have been working on instead. I know, aren't I oh so good? I have been diligently knitting on my Ragna sweater and have only 7" more to go on the front before decreasing for the neck. I'm going to try and finish it this week. In between shoveling.
Tomorrow I am going to try and cook some things because, well, I like to eat. And in this weather it seems all I want is CARBS! But, unless I want to be the size of a hibernating bear, I must make some vegetable dishes! Soup sounds like a good winter meal so I will make lentil and greens soup with orzo. And some bread.
Now my tea is ready (Harney's White Christmas tea..the BEST!) I saved some as a special treat and now the pot is ready to drink. I think I will put on some jimjams and have a cuppa while I slog away on Ragna.
Stay warm and safe all.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Still snowing. I shoveled the driveway 3 times today before we had a break and now it's all covered again. *sigh*. Didn't even get very much knitting done. But I had a great lunch. Amanda made some potato skins for SuperBowl and saved me some of the skins. I filled them and they were sooooo good.
Pictures from this afternoon. I just looked out and it is absolutely POURING snow. Can barely see to the end of the driveway. Well, I suppose the shovel will get a workout. As will I.

Stupid "albino brain suckers".

Monday, February 08, 2010

Here are better pictures of my stuff at the library.
The vest is one that I knitted for mom. We were putting the window together and needed something to fill in the left side. Mom took off the vest and offered it up right then.
Of course, now she misses it!
I really like my felted bag but it needs more pockets. I think maybe I will make myself another one at some point. With more pockets.
The clothesline idea is cute, no? Thanks mom.

All in all I think it looks pretty nice.
I think I have a doppleganger at the library. She always has most of the same books on hold as do I and what are the chances that it's knitting, vegan, alternative health and similar items? Yet I have no idea who she is except her name and taste in books. Very odd.
Lunch! Mushroom marinated mustard (love the alliteration!) greens, mac 'n "cheese" and tempeh/oatmeal loaf with mushroom gravy. Very tasty and a good meal for a cold day.

The "white death" came and it was a pain. The wet/slushy stuff is soooo hard to shovel. But did get the driveway clear. Just in time for the next hit. *sigh* But I made a trip to Traders today and stocked up on things.
Did you ever have one of those days where you just want to stay in bed? I cannot find my size 6 double points and I KNOW that I have a set. I can even see them. They are 4" long, which is the perfect size for a pair of worsted weight socks, and I know this because I have used them to make myself at least 5 pairs with them. So where are they? Not only that but I went to one of the yarn shops today to replace them (and one of them was completely out of 6's! What's that about?) and when I got home and got the bag out of the back...3 of the 5 needles are missing. Excuse me?!? When I put the bag in the car all of them were in there. I have torn the car apart and looked everywhere and can't find them. And why only 3? Don't you think that all of them would have slid out or whatever? Obviously there is some kind of plot that involves size 6 dpn's that I'm not privy to. Fine.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Here's my new cowl. It's on as the Birthday cowl and a fun easy knit and I really like it. It's rather loose which is nice for a little bit warmer weather as it isn't snug against my neck. I also knit a cabled headband to go with it that keeps out the breeze beautifully. As was evidenced by the chilly breeze today. Which is a harbinger of the WEATHER (teehee) to come tomorrow. The "storm of the century" is on the way. Not that bad actually, but accumulating snow is the forecast. Guess I will have to warm up the shovel. *groan*. But it will be good knitting sweater and I really want to get more of the Ragna sweater done. I finished the back the other day and think that the front will go alot faster. I have the pattern done now so it goes much smoother now.I was riding down the street the other day and saw this goose standing in these huge pots. Talk about a goose in every pot! Made me laugh. Actually there were 2 standing quite tall and proud but by the time I could get the cell phone out it was too late to catch both.

Here's today's vegan lunch. Mushroom and walnut marinated mustard greens, mac and "cheese", and tempeh "meatloaf". Yum! I will definately make it all again. And very good comfort food on a cold night.

I have my cuppa strawberry green tea and getting my knitting ready to watch "The Office" and then "The Mentalist". Keep warm and safe!