Saturday, March 31, 2007

I know, I know....bad blogger. I haven't done much of anything this week including much knitting. Wednesday night I went to a new knitting group-well, new to me. A. drove me in the new, fancy car and waited until S. showed up. The group starts at 7:00 so we looked around for awhile-all the time being ignored by the owner's daughter who was quite rude and never once spoke to us. At 7:35 we decided that we could have gone to Starbuck's across the street. So we looked at each other, grabbed our knitting bags and split. Still without a word from rude girl. Yeah I'll be back....NOT. Had a lovely time at 'bucks, except the part where I spilled coffee on A.'s computer bag and felted bag. Niiiiicccceeeeee. Although the felted bag held up well. So no knitting group there. So much for that one. Plus, the one at the library is no longer. I would like to find a new one so I can have a knitting "sensei" when I have the need. So I will keep looking. And knitting.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here is a picture of A's felted satchel ( the green one) and mine pre-felting. Her's is actually a very large size but looks small next to mine.

Went on a small road trip today. Since A. got the new car we have been driving all over. We went over the river to Knit On in Bellevue. A small store but packed with loads of stuff. I didn't buy any yarn but sure was tempted. They had lots of Noro and sock yarns of all kinds so next time I will be prepared and take extra money so I can add to the yarn stash. But did buy a set of circulars so I can knit a sweater from the top down. I've never done that before so it should be fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"We sheep are not alone."

Now that the warm weather is here I have my poor, lonely wristlets lying about looking rather pathetic. They are so lovely and warm it's too bad the time to wear them is just about over. I enjoyed knitting them, very fast and easy. They are made of Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and I got 2 pairs out of one skein. Which is a good deal, I think.

Nice warm weather today but windy. I suppose I can pull out my short-sleeved sweater tomorrow. It's a lovely coral color but I'm not sure how good it looks while on.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here is a picture of A.'s new car. Isn't it pretty??Like her sweater, it suits her "marvelous much". I am giving it a welcome to the family hug.
It was the one nice warm day and was lovely not to have to wear a coat or sweater.
Speaking of sweaters, I just finished sewing my "big ole sweater" together and wore it today. I think that I shall put buttons on mine though. It came out quite nicely and was an easy knit. Which is good since I am making another for A. I also have been working on my v-neck sweater that is knit side to side in beautiful autum colors. Should look very nice. I have more pictures to come.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It was a beautiful day today! Supposedly winter is over but you never know. Sunny and warm-ish but just a great day. Went and had a double decker sandwich at a place we haven't been probably since summer and mmmmmmm! it was fabulous. Sliced egg and tomato on rye with mayo and onion. Yum. Followed by a venti soy cinnamon dolce latte. I don't usually drink the sweet drinks but that one is just like a melted cinnamon bun in a cup. Didn't get much knitting done today but still might later.
Spent a few hours watching season 6 of Northern Exposure. Great fun but too bad there aren't any more. I own 1 and 2 and eventually would like to have the whole series. Good knitting shows.
I think that I shall take my tea-Jasmine Estate-and do a little knitting. Good night all!

Friday, March 09, 2007

I got my package from KnitPicks the other day and the sock yarn is even prettier in the "flesh". I don't know which pair to knit first. I am almost finished with the big ole sweater...just have to finish the hood, knit the pockets and crochet the drawstring. Just a quick post because I have been lax about posting...will do more in the next day or two.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

" I am alone with my sheep, but they are not alone with me." Wonderful things abound today! Even though it's rainy,windy and quite gruesome outside it's fun in here. I found out today that I won Regia sock yarn from It's a beautiful brown colorway and will look great with A.'s sweater. Yah for me.
Yesterday I went to the lys and found the KnitKlips that I've been wanting. And if I go on Sunday and take a few things that I knitted from yarn that I bought there I will get a 40% coupon for each item. Then I can buy some more KnitKlips.
I also placed an order from KnitPicks....I wish it were here. I ordered a dvd-How to Knit a Sweater from the Top Down, 2 balls of the Memories sock yarn in the color Rocky Mountain Dusk (which will go beautifully with my new lavender Crocs that I also bought yesterday) a set of KnitPicks ID tags, a sweater stone (yes A. your sweater needs to have a nice "stoning") and the book- I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks. Should be fun when the package comes.
Almost finished with the second front on my sweater. Got alot done today while watching ''Fiddler on the Roof". I hadn't seen it in years and enjoyed it immensely. Just found this blog and it looks quite good:
Booking Through Thursday

A couple weeks ago, we asked about how you take care of your books, with one of the questions asking whether you write in your books. Well, what about books that are meant to be written in? Like, say, a journal or diary? Do you keep one? Obviously, if you're answering this, you have a blog--do you just let your blog be your journal? Or do you also keep one for private stuff also?

Yes, I keep a journal, I've kept one since I was in junior high back in the 70's. I do blog but I have several journals as well--one that is more of an everyday "art" journal for everything and then a private one only for me.