Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We went on a small road trip yesterday. It was a lovely warm day and just decided it had been awhile since we'd done that. So we drove up to Waynesville and went to Der Dutchman restaurant for lunch. Very good and filling. Then we drove up to Springboro to and got to fondle some yarn. I forgot to take some pictures there but they had some fabulous yarns. Got a skein of lace weight Misti Alpaca for a shawl for sis.
This is the candy store we always stop at when in Lebanon, Ohio. Sis really likes their handmade honeycomb chocolates so we stop and get a small bag of treats. The car always smells so good afterwards.
Makes you hungry, doesn't it?

Here is a shot of some of the candy that sis got at the store. It smells sooo good in there. And everykind of handmade chocolate you can think of to eat. This is a pecan white chocolate bark. And the other's are caramel bars. MMMMMmmmm.

Not a great shot of the horses in the field but we were going by at about 40 miles an hour. You can at least see the blobs that are the horses!

This is the front of Der Dutchman, where we ate lunch. Very good salad bar and fabulous hot bread! And the best peanut butter spread you have ever tasted!!

I don't know why I didn't get a shot of the buffet. Duh moment I suppose. We were looking out over the little stream and watching the ducks and geese. It's a nice spot to enjoy a delicious lunch.

This is sis's lunch. Lovely,no? Lots of meat go carnivore!!
Well, I just finished the Razor shell scarf...woot for me!! Happy dancing all around. Now I'm off to block it and work on my new sweater. I am knitting from Elsebeth Lavold's "Viking Patterns for Knitters" and the pattern is called Ragna. Very cool and cable-y and I'm knitting it with a burgandy tweed yarn which I think will show off the cables admirably. Once I finally get going on the pattern I'm sure it will knit up pretty fast. We shall see.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ahhhh. Feeling much better now. Still have the nasty cough but so much better. That had to be one of the nastiest viruses that I've ever had the misfortune to have. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

But the knitting has finally commenced again and is moving right along. I just finished another chullo hat that was a comission and am glad to have it finished. I had to adjust a pattern so much that I might as well have written a new one. But I think it looks good so all's well that ends well.
Here's one of the UFO's that I'm trying to finish. It's the razor shell scarf with Kid Merino. It's almost completely finished and then I only have 1 (count it.1) ufo left. Which is the Celtic poncho and I have been working on that as well.
Had some beautiful weather yesterday and the 70*s and sunny. Now it's raining and maybe some thunderstorms tonight but that's alright. Better that than snow!

The grass is greening up and the bushes have that slight greenish haze that starts when the leaves just start popping. I think that's my favorite sign of spring besides the forsythia blooming.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sickness has been reigning here at I be knitting. Be back hopefully soon. must crawl back to the couch.......................

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is what it has felt like this week here!
Been awhile since I have posted. Just haven't really been online much lately. But have gotten quite a bit of knitting done though. It's been SO cold these past few days that who has wanted to do anything but sit wrapped up in a blanket with a hot tea and a dvd. And, and of course, knitting. Did manage to get to the library and get some new dvd's to watch while I cast on my new project. I am knitting a sweater in sport-weight and will post the pattern name and a picture of the bee-u-ti-ful purple yarn. And my next new thing to learn is beaded knitting so I found a pattern for beaded socks that I am going to cast on.