Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been busy trying to catch up on the mystery shawl knitalong! The 4th clue was just released and I'm still working through the 3rd clue. But 2 more rows and then I can start on the last clue! 
It got to go to the park today for awhile.
It's been ridiculously hot here this week. Yesterday it was 86* and it broke a record. Just crazy. I was not ready for spring yet, much less this kind of heat. I still wanted cold and dark nights and one good snowstorm that closed everything for about 2 days. Certainly not shorts and sandals. And I was not ready to stop wearing my handknit socks :(
Here's something that is not knitted. Bought a few denim shirts on clearance and added some embroidery on one of them. I'm corss stitching on the other and am really enjoying it. I love to cross stitch. Have so many huge pieces on the walls so often did alot of jackets and clothes.

Made some stuffed shells the other day and used the new Tofutti ricotta cheese in the filling. Absolutely delicious. Added some sauteed kale and made my own tomato sauce. I will definately be using the ricotta again.
Just monkey-ing around here.
Okay. Off to finish the clue 3. Have a great night all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lookie what came today! My "loot'' from the gift certificate from I got that from getting my sock pattern published in the upcoming Planet Purl book release. Fun stuff. Plus I got  a set of blocking wires since I'm starting to knit more lace shawls. The yarn is Malabrigo sock yarn in "terracotta''. I've never knit with the sock yarn but the worsted weight is lovely. I'm pleased to have the KnitPicks dpn's 5" set so more sock knitting will ensue.
Speaking of sock's my finished set of Bilbo socks.
I love them.
The yarn is Trekking Art in the colorway "Jamaika". The only thing that I did different on sock 2 is on the highly cabled row I went up a needle size because the cables pull in alot. But I really like the pattern and will probably knit it again. I definately want to buy the rest of her patterns as well. They are in my Ravelry library for a someday soon.
Okay, off to knit on my mystery shawl kal and enjoy this crazy 75* weather!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lots of knitting here!
Socks I knit for Amanda that were for a knitalong on Ravelry for the solidsockknitters group. This is the Hocket pattern
and they are knit with Plymouth Encore worsted in brown. They came out really nice and I think she'll really like them. Considering I had her try on the first one when she stopped the other day and then could barely get it back, I'm pretty confident she wants them.
This is the start of the mystery shawl kal and the yarn is "mandarin lime" from Done Roving Frolicking Feet. I enjoyed the kal last year and so far haven't been disappointed! I have been slowly working on it because, as usual, I have overcommitted on kals.  But I finished the sock so only 2 to work on.  This is the other that I'm knitting... for the Claire Ellen Design group. It's the "We-hate-waiting-along" and I got the Bilbo pattern. I must say that I'm loving this pattern and the yarn. We are also having a read-a-long of "The Hobbit" at the same time.It's much farther along and I will be working on it tonight.
Been doing some cooking also.This is the pasta fazioli from one of Robin Robertson's cookbooks and a grilled "cheese" sandwich made with Daiya "cheese". It was a great meal for a cold winter day.
This is the red,red stew from "Everyday Happy Herbivore" with rice and fried plaintains. Absolutely delicious. Has black eyed peas and I quite enjoyed it and was so easy to make. I also made a tempeh loaf for lunch today that's wonderful.
Went to Lambikins on Sunday because they were having a sale. Bad, bad knitter. I shouldn't have spent any money but some things were such a good deal that I did anyway. Got some yarn to make socks for Amanda and also will be able to use them for some kals. So she will have to wait for some of them. Also got a lovely skein of Brown Sheep lace weight with 1500 yards on it for $12.00 in the colorway "pinot noir" for something for Amanda. I'm not sure what to make. Any suggestions?
Okay. Off to make a pot of tea and do some knitting. Have a great week!