Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finished object alert! These are not the best pictures (cell phone camera) but you get the general ideal. I love the yarn...Lorna Lace's Shepherds superwash. Just yum. Unfortunately the first pair that I made were a little big but fit A. perfectly. I used size 8's which were to gauge but went down to a size 7's for me. I have one more to make and I will finish them tomorrow because I will need them on Monday. We are supposed to have a cold blast.
I would have worked on them tonight but A. and I went to Barnes and Noble to read (and mock) magazines. I didn't find any knitting magazines to buy. :( I did see a pattern or two in a couple but 1 pattern isn't really worth buying the whole magazine.
Off to knit, have a good night all.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas baking! Ginger gems. So good and vegan. It's actually the vegan holiday here. I did all the cooking this year. I am tired though.
The sweater is finished! Was seaming it up at 11:00pm. I will sleep well tonight. Made Moroccan "meatballs" over couscous, candied lime sweet potatoes (from the Vegan YumYum site) which are absolutely fabulous!! A dip and a "cheese" ball and a carmel apple bake. Just have to make brunch tomorrow and then no more cooking for a few days.
Hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas with lots of yarn and needles!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

New shiny,red Croc feet. Bought them for myself for Christmas. Sssssooooo warm....I loves them!
I should have never said that I was all finished knitting for Christmas because Wednesday m. asked me to knit a cardigan for K. And could I have it finished for Christmas? Well, sure, why not. I only have the sleeves left to knit and then put it together. I should be able to have it finished. We shall see.
Be back soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here is the Puffinstuff pin and Freddie the magic flute earrings that A. made for herself. She borrowed the pin that she made for me and copied it. They are polymer clay and isn't she talented?
One cold day today! 16* with the wind chill so I ran across the street to Krogers for the paper and some groceries and a couple of movies from the $1.00 movie rental box. Watched "License to Wed" and "Oceans 13". Enjoyed both of them but am tired of staring at the tv. On the upside, I did finish knitting A.'s soon-to-be felted bag. Now I will give it to her so it can be felted and then she can give it back to me for sewing together.
Well, off to knit on my fingerless mitts for awhile so keep warm and knit!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

AAAAAHHHH! "ALBINO BRAIN SUCKERS"!!! It's not the snow that is the problem, it's the ice that is underneath that turned into slush when it rained this afternoon and then turned into more ice and then the 1-3" that is coming overnight. Yuck,yuck,yuck. I am glad to be at home. We went to the Chinese buffet(mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and then came home. That was enough out for me. A. wore her new birthday socks (yah for me) and I would have taken a picture of them but I was so busy stuffing my face with scallion pancakes that I never got around to it. But they looked cool. And she seems to really like them. So that makes me happy.

I'm glad that I have knitting and some movies so I don't need to go anywhere but in the kitchen to get myself some more tea!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting going on like crazy here. Finished the "giant" socks for A. and gave them to her yesterday for her birthday. Happy Birthday A.! I think she really liked them. The second sock was much easier on the Bryson flexibles so they went alot faster.

Have been doing some Christmas knitting so haven't gotten alot of other stuff done. But here's a peek at my new sock yarn. Isn't it purty? I won it from and I call it "Barbra" for it's former owner. Just doing a generic sock pattern but I think that I'm going to branch out next sock and do a pattern. I have to decide which one. Something simple but a little challenging. I am still working on the toes-up sock,which is fun, so maybe I'll do another one of those. Anyone have a good suggestion for a sock pattern?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finished object alert! I sewed together the felted bag that was for me but decided that it isn't big enough for me so m. decided that she really liked it. Yah. I'm glad it will have a use for someone. I don't like the yarn as much as the Cascade 220-this was the wool that I bought at Yarn Market. It is the house brand from Lambikins and I don't like how it felted. It puckered up and slightly buckled in places. I won't use it again though. I hope that the one being knitted for A. felts up better.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SNOW!! Yes, we had our first snowfall this morning. Just enough to be pretty without being too annoying. I would post pictures but the cell phone won't send them right now. So I will show you some other pictures.

Knitting anyone?

First one of the socks for A. It is made from Red Heart Strata, knit on size 3 dpn's, using generic sock pattern from the Yarn Harlot. Very easy knit but the only thing I am doing differently for the second one is to use different needles. I was using the only pair of 3's I had -bamboo-but felt like I was going to break them because this sock is THICK. So went to the lys and got a pair of Bryson flex needles, which are not ideal because I don't really care for plastic and they flex(I know, I's in the title) but at least I'm not bending my bamboo needles.

It's going to be a cold one tonight--15* --brrrr. I am in my pink jammies with penguins on them, drinking a cup of icewine tea. It's a tea from Canada, where they let the grapes freeze and then make wine from them. The tea smells like wine when you open the package and makes very good tea.

Working on some Christmas gifts so I can't tell you what I'm working on now but will post some pictures soon.

Here's a hat that I just made for myself the other day. It's from Hip Knit Hats and is very easy to knit and came out cute.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here's a not-so good close-up of the Irish hiking scarf. Today was COLD! Windy and some sleet. Had to run to lys and get another set of dpn's-size 3-and wore my scarf, mittens, and the "beast". Boy, was I warm. And wore my hat that I knitted from the first issue of Knit1.
Finished the first big sock and started on the second. And some other things that will have to wait for awhile to post them.
Put a new handle on the screen door today and was it cold. I mean, my fingers were so cold that I couldn't hardly feel the screws to put it together. And, of course, it isn't working so I will have to go out tomorrow and try and fix it. At least it will be warmer tomorrow. I hope I can figure out what is the problem.
Going to rain here tomorrow but at least it isn't snow. Not yet anyway.