Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess who got a doughnut maker? Why yes, that would be me. It's a cute little machine called "Babycakes" and bakes these mini doughnuts in about 4 minutes. And by the time you are finished salivating there are 8 little doughnuts just waiting to be devoured. These are maple doughnuts with a maple glaze and maple sprinkles. Very good.

Just finished my second pair of two-color cabled socks. Woohooo. Since it's so cold out I will be able to wear them tomorrow. I really like the pattern and will probably make a few more pairs for next winter.

Still slogging away on the Debbie Bliss cardigan. I am on the first sleeve but almost finished with it. I'm hoping to have it completed this week and it should be just the perfect weather to wear it.

The sad news is that I seem to have lost one of my fingerless gloves that I carry in my bag. :( So I am sad. I loved them. I used a very bright colorway of Mini Mochi and they were a lovely cabled pattern. *sigh* I suppose I will have to make another pair.

Off to eat dinner. Bahan macaroni pie (from Caribbean Vegan) and pineapple collard greens.

Stay warm.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy dancing all around! I finished my socks for the kal and I really like them.
I was going to participate in next month's kal also but both of the yarn stores that are participating in carrying the yarn have sold out and have no intention of getting anymore. I even drove up to Springboro to check out a store there.
Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to do May's kal. We shall see.Had a few lovely days of nice, warm weather but today it's 34* and FREEZING!! I hate when the weather switches like that because you just feel so much colder than before. I think for dinner I am going to make some "cheesy" potato soup and a black bean burger. Sounds like a good cold weather dinner.
My fingers are just too cold to type so I will be back soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The water is still high at the park. Today was the first sunny,warm (and windy) day to go to the park so here is the first waterfall shot of the season.
It was nice to be able to go and sit with the windows open, just enjoying the sun on my face. Bring on those freckles!
Got some mulch today and put that around the house. We have had so much rain that the mulch is just washed away from the water coming off the gutters. We have been waiting for the gutter cleaners since late fall but since the weather turned so cruddy so early they fell really behind. And all this rain isn't helping any for our gutters. I sure hope they come soon.Here is a really cruddy photo of a new aquistion. Pretttttyyyyy.
It's a lace weight and I just have to find the perfect pattern for it.
Still slogging away on my KAL.
I will get some more done on it tonight after I go to an event on I have spent the last 2 nights there for a class and last night for a social hour. Lots of fun and got to use the webcam finally. It was nice to see some faces to go with some names.
Well, the event starts in about 6 minutes so I will sign off for now. I am going to try and be better about blogging so I will see you all soon.
Happy St. Patricks' Day!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Here is my next spring cardigan. It's the Debbie Bliss cardigan and I really am moving right along.
But I did take a break for this...
The March KAL on using Trekking yarn.
Here's last week's clue.
I've got both tops knit now and just got this week's clue this morning. Since they are only the heels I don't think they will take very long.

Mmmm. White Russian cookies.
Spinach and mushroom lasagna with cauliflower-tofu "ricotta".

I am off to take part 2 of the Planet Purl class on toe-up socks. See you soon.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Busy knitting and cooking but here's a yarn haiku to tide you over until tomorrow!
Yarn so soft and warm.
Want to roll around in it.
Take out needles first.