Saturday, April 25, 2009

Been quite a few couple of days. Spent yesterday mowing the lawn and repairing parts of the driveway. Got the filler that you dump out into the hole and then "tamp" it down. Boy, were my arms tired after that! Quite a workout though. It was so windy out that mowing the lawn was interesting. Nothing like having grass and dirt blowing about and in your mouth. Fun.
Did finish my socks from the flat. I enjoyed working with it. Although the crimp made it hard to knit the first row after the cast on. Rather tight. I'm sure once I wear them they will straighten out just fine.
Here is my new spring mug. Actually I've had it for a few weeks but it's still new.
Nice and cheery isn't it?
Inside shot!

Also finished a pair of socks that I started some time ago. Just used the plain sock pattern from the Yarn Harlot 'cause I was knitting them when I couldn't sleep so needed something plain that didn't require any thinking. The yarn is Sockotta...a cotton/wool/nylon blend in blue/pink/yellow that reminds me of cotton candy. I wasn't sure that I would like the yarn since it seemed to knit up rather loosely but as it went on I decided I did. And they seem very comfortable but won't really be able to tell since it's in the 80*s here and going to be warm for several days. No socks here! As a matter of fact I am wearing shorts and sandals...woohoo. Always such a strange feeling when you switch from one season to another (clothes-wise) but it does feel good to stop layering. I get tired of the same thing...sweater, boots, coat, after awhile and then when I'm getting out the next season's clothes it's amazing how many things I have forgotten. It's like running into an old friend you haven't seen in an age! I was saying, "oh, I love this" Ah...simple pleasures.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Artsy" shot! This is down at the park and this "dandy-lion" is growing out of the base of a tree. Looks like it's trying to lean away from the sock.

A yuck,rainy day today. Just working on my second sock and enjoying being inside the house. Much better than being in the soggy outdoors. I got to be outside yesterday and Friday, which were both absolutely fabulous days. Nice and sunny and warm. Went to the park Friday for lunch and just sat and ate and looked over the waterfall. A nice time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sneak peek of my latest project. Cool.

Loves the yarn.
And the pattern is just fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ooohh ooohh...lookie what I bought for myself today. It has some of the coolest socks ever. I can't wait to get the beaded ones done so I can pick one of these. I think the hardest thing will be deciding which pattern to use.
Happy Resurrection day to all. May you have a blessed day in Jesus' name!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is part of the sweater that I am knitting. It's called Ragna and it's a lovely cabled sweater. It's from Elsebeth Lavold's "Viking Patterns for Knitters" and it's going to be really cool. These are the flaps that are at the bottom of it. It's a fairly easy pattern once you get working on it so I'm really enjoying it.

The yarn is just Red Heart Fleck,cheap but shows the cables quite well. So far I'm pretty pleased and hopefully it will go fast.

Here's my dinner. Marinated mushroom and spinach salad with avocado,corn and carrots with a few other things. Very tasty.Rainy night tonight. The grass is just growing and growing. I need to mow tomorrow. Oh fun!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Here is the first finished beaded sock. I am pretty happy with it. Except the ribbing was a little loose. I used a size 4 needle (which was the recommended size) and everything else fit fine but I wasn't happy with it. It's knit from the top down and flat until the heel so I figured that I would just unseam it and pull out the ribbing and re-knit it on a smaller needle. I wasn't really worried about the ribbing being upside down because, well, they're mine and who's going to look under my pants leg. So I did (and what a pain THAT was) and it's all done but I won't do that again. Much easier to live with it being a little on the big side!
Ahh! Nice spring trees. Better enjoy the picture. Going to be in the 20*s tonight so hopefully not many of the flowers will freeze. :( This is my new speaker for my "ipod". I got it on clearance at Wally's and it's very nice. It has a little pull out shelf for it to sit on and I don't have to worry about knocking it to the floor! And it has it's own case ( how fancy).
New yarn! Yes, yes, I bought sock yarn. I can fill up my stash and don't have to break the bank for a project. I bought yarn but I really want to buy the sock book "The Eclectic Sole". Has some of the coolest patterns.

This is the other new yarn. I went to It was hard to choose but I feel good about my decision.

Then went to Hobby Lobby and found these. They are a sport-weight and will make some cuted socks. The orange didn't really come up true color 'cause it's SO bright that people will see my feet coming waaaaayy before me.

Time for a hot cuppa and some jimjams...cold and rainy/snowy so the perfect night to huddle up and knit.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here is another shot of the beaded sock. I have just turned the heel and now it's on dpn's and joined in the round. Pretty easy pattern and very sparkly and ''bead-y".

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This will likely be a short post as we are under a tornado watch...yuck. The rain hasn't really started yet but it's on the way. And it's lightning but not quite over here yet so I figure I have a few minutes.
Here is one of my new knitting projects. It's....wait for it...beaded socks! Yah, what a surprise. The pattern is from "Knit with Beads: Beautiful Gifts" by Scarlet Taylor. So far very easy. The yarn is Red Heart Designer Sport, colors by candi jensen in colorway berry. A nice sport-weight and I really like the color. It's knit flat until the heel then joined and finished in the round.
My new Vegetarian Times came today and lots of good recipes that I'm looking forward to making. Especially salads. Mmmmm.
Okay, gotta go. See ya soon.