Thursday, December 24, 2009

I hope that everyone has a blessed and merry Christmas! And you all get lots of yarn and "stuff". See you soon. Happy knitting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Went to the birdstore the other day to pick up some safflower seeds for the parrot and here's the view. The chincillas belong to the owner. Aren't they cute? So soft and I just want to "squeeze" them.
Crazy big bird alert!
Here are the holiday flower bouquets from Trader Joe's.
And the store has some lovely decorations.

I love the smell of the cinnamon pinecones at the front door. Smells like Christmas.

I've been busy getting some of my ufo's finished. And a few fast, bulky knits inbetween as well. Because everyone needs a new hat or headband, right? But I only have 2 ufo's left...yes,yes, one of them is the poncho. But I'm getting to it.
I'm off to finish a hat for a friend so I will be better about posting as soon as I am finished with the gifts.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Here is my favorite hand lotion. I treated myself to some as soon as Williams-Sonoma got it in stock. It smells luscious and feels so good. And lasts quite a long time as well. Quite worth the money as I get alot out of it.
Here's where sis was a week ago. She has a friend that has season tickets to the Bengals' and he invited her along to see the game. Talk about a bird's eye view! But she had a good time and got to tailgate with some of his friends in the parking lot. Mom and I stopped by Burger King the other day for a veggie burger (mmmm. good) and this is their tree. Very nice decorating job,no?

I have finished several projects...woohoo! and happy dancing all around. I made a few speedy things out of super bulky yarn that finished up in an hour or so. First is a speedy cabled cowl ( I found the pattern on Ravelry) and it's lovely and warm. I have worn it several times over the past few days and it's super. Covers the back of my neck that is not covered by my sweater or scarf. And I can layer instead of having a shirt and sweater on all the time. Two thumbs up for this knit!

This is made from the same yarn...Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Chunky in Cranberry. I do hate knitting with needles any bigger than 8's but these were on 13's and 15's. *groan* But knit so fast that it is done before I had alot of time to moan about it.

Sis has a friend in town this week who is also a vegan so today I did some cooking to share with them. I made roasted tofu and veggies (so good) ,a macaroni/tempeh dish cooked in a skillet that is reminiscent of hamburger helper. Also made pumpkin ice cream, cherry almond cookies, papaya and toasted coconut muffins, and pumpkin brownies that are below. I am tired now. Oh, and also some lemon squares. All vegan and pretty tasty as well.

I also finished the sampler vest that I was working on made from Peaches and Cream yarn. Mom liked it so much that I gave it to her. I think it looks better on her anyway. And she seems to be really happy with it. Now I'm going to work on my Ragna sweater and TRY and finish putting together the Celtic poncho. really, I will get it finished. Stop that laughing, I really will get it finished. I promise.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yah!! I am FINALLY finished with the secret knitting. Did the last bit just a little bit ago! Happy dancing all around. I'm glad the yarn came 'cause I didn't have enough.Whew. Will post tomorrow because I'm just tired.