Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just thinking about Katie's sweater and have this overwhelming panic that I did not knit it in the right size. I'm thinking now that she said size medium and I knit it in a size small. --slapping myself upside the head with my Addi's--. I'm hoping that it will fit 'cause she is petite and it looks to be a pretty loose small. Oh please, oh please fit. She is coming into town Friday and stopping here to pick up a key for A.'s place, so I will have her try it on.( Oh please fit.) I am going to make her another in orange but it would be nice for the first one to fit since she was looking forward to it so much.
Went to Cruise-In on Thursday but ate inside the coffee house since the weather was bad. We ate and beat it home as the storms were coming in pretty fast. The sock didn't even have a chance to enjoy the veggie wrap as I ate it so fast.
Did have a really good latte the other day at Borders. They have a Seattle's Best Coffee as their cafe and must try new coffee. I didn't have a plain cup, which would've been my choice but m. wanted to try some so I thought she would like something a little sweet. I bought the new Knitter's magazine and How it all Vegan, which is the first cookbook by Sarah Kramer. I hate to cook but really like her cookbooks because they don't have alot of ingredients and not much preparation time. And, so far, everything has been dee-li-cious.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Haha! Katie's sweater is finished and I sure hope she likes it. I really don't mind the sewing together part of making them but for some reason I just couldn't buckle down and put it together. So I made a pot of tea and made myself sit down and finish it. Didn't really take very long so I don't know why I made such a fuss about it.
The first sock is also finished...hurrah! It went with me to Cruise-In on Thursday night and while it did not get to see any of the old cars, it did get to sit on the deck and enjoy a delicious veggie wrap and many, many refills of iced tea. It was getting alot of interested looks as well as some admiring comments but I didn't let it go to the sock's "head" as I kept it humble by promptly dropping stitches. There-that'll show it. But we perservered together and am now working on the second.
Also have gotten half of the front of Ad's cable sweater finished. Cables rock!! I am really enjoying working on it. Got alot done while watching the playoffs last night. Go Heat!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Did you ever have one of those days where you want to get up and do something but just end up sitting there staring at the walls? I did knit for a little while but then got to a point where I had to think and concentrate on the pattern so I just gave up. I am about 1 1/2" from finishing the back of Ad.'s sweater and tomorrow I am going to start on the front of the sweater and CABLES. I haven't done those yet and am looking forward to it. I am also finishing the front left of my pink cardigan...I think I am calling it "Miss Piggy" and it's looking good. I only have to seam up Katie's sweater and it is finished. Woohoo! I shall finish that tomorrow.
At Starbuck's on Monday night Deb was telling me that on Wednesday night there is a group of women that meet there and knit. Sounds like maybe I'll have to go have a venti soy latte and take my knitting along for some coffee and a look-see. I made a bunch of cards on Monday night instead of knitting as I really felt like stamping some stuff. I just signed up for a House Mouse bookmark swap that should be fun. I haven't done any swaps for about a year so it will be enjoyable.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I am almost finished with Katie's sweater. There is something to be said for knitting a sweater in a small size... you get finished much sooner. I was wrong though about the pattern. It is not from Yarn Girls' but I cannot remember where I found the pattern. I usually write these things done but for some reason I didn't. But it is a very easy knit and I think she will enjoy it. She couldn't decide between orange or blue so I will make her one in each. A pleasant surprise.
Went to knitting today at the library for awhile. They are going to cancel the Saturday meeting for the summer as hardly anyone comes. I usually go on Tuesday night anyway so no skin off my nose.