Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh yeah, oh yeah!! Happy dancing all around. I finished the sweater yesterday and handed it off to A. I was so happy to have it finished. It's not that it was all that hard (well, the directions were really confusing) but it just took too bloody long. But she likes it so it was all for good. Now I am finishing my vest and the long cardigan so I can start on Ad.'s sweater. It has cables and I've not done those before. Hope they will be fun.
Last night was "art night" and I worked on making cards since I'd spent most of the day sewing together the sweater and didn't really want to knit. I got 14 cards made so I have a pile and don't need to worry about being short for awhile.
Going to get the needles for the Celtic poncho this week...I think so anyway. I did go to Barnes and Noble the other night and got Mason-Dixon Knitting. I had looked at it before and had decided not to buy it but after purusing it again I thought that it looked like a good one to have. So I'm off to finish the right front on my cardigan so happy knitting to all.

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