Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ooooh, oooh, ooooh! I just received my yarn prize from http://www.romancingtheyarn.blogspot.com/. It is 2 skeins of Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo in a beautiful black tweed/sunset colorway and I can't wait to make socks from it. Of course, I have to finish my first pair. lol.
Worked on the tee sweater last night and had finished one sleeve...Sheri, cover your eyes if you are reading this...and tore it out when I got home. I didn't like how it looked when it was bound off so I ripped it out and started it again. The directions said to cast on 25 stitches before starting the sleeve and then pick up 16 more but ended up having this extra "wonky" bit that was sticking out and no where to sew it together so R.I.P. But it looks much better now. Just can't give it away without having it be the best I can do.

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