Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Watch it, she's a biter." Jill.
Heehee. That's a quote from Monday night "fight club". Still haven't gotten the ''box'' fixed yet, but think we're on the right track. So we'll see.
So HOT. Almost too hot to do anything but sit and knit and watch some PBS dvd's. And listening to the Yarn Harlot's books on cd's. Quite amusing. Went to 'bucks for a venti iced soy latte....mmmmm. Also got a few new mugs (when they are on sale it's such a good deal) and a sample of a very wonderful smelling tea-Berryblossom White. It is described as "A delicate tea with enticing hints of blueberry & white cranberry". I haven't tasted it but it smells quite lovely.
I am off to watch an episode of "Rosemary and Thyme" a very good British mystery series and knit on my sock. Knit away!

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