Monday, November 21, 2011

Sorry it's been so long between posts. I really have no excuse other than  knitting. I have a project that seems to be taking forever. Sooner or later I will get it done. It's theAran knit wrap from and I am over half done but some days it seems like I get nothing done.I did finish the felted bag...
But I finished these. They are fingerless gloves out of some Hobby Lobby acrylic yarn. I think the pattern is called "Suzie's reading gloves" but I can't find the pattern. I will have to look for it.
Here's a picture of the bag. The color is not great but it's called Garnet heather and it's Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks. The bag is and it's the smaller one. I've made the larger one several times and the one that I made for Amanda used Cascade 220. I like that better for felting. I knit them and Amanda felts them and she really had to work the wet bag to get it to the right measurements. The end product is nice though. But had to make the strap WAY longer than the pattern called for because it felted really short and fat. But it's done and now I just have to wait for KnitPicks to get more of that color 'cause I need at least 8 more skeins to finish Amanda's. And they aren't getting any until the middle of February....grrrrrrr.
The weather today is wretched!! Pouring rain and the gutters were supposed to be cleaned today but that's a bust. I rescheduled for Friday but they are now running over and I have to have big garbage cans under part of them 'cause they are running into the basement. I am tired of being wet and the bottoms of my jeans are soaked from emptying the cans. I have a lovely cup of Cranberry Autumn tea and I want to pour it on my legs......brrrrr.
Did some cooking today. For Thanksgiving I'm making a Chestnut-brussel sprout potpie, and  "bacon" onion turnovers from "Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites", rum-kissed sweet potatoes with cranberries and walnuts from "Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes" , a cardamom cinnamon cake from "Have Your Cake and Vegan Too" (which also has a lovely maple cake that was fabulous!) and some greens. And maybe some stuffed mushrooms for a snack.
I just got "Upstairs, Downstairs" from the library and I've never seen it so I will have an English marathon this week while trying to finish the wrap.
Okay, off to empty the cans again. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember it's a great day to give thanks to the Lord for all He has given us!

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