Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Thought I'd sit down for a few minutes and try and catch up here. I've been knitting alot but just haven't really sat down at the computer to do much of anything.
The weather has been crazy here the past few days. 83* yesterday and low 60*s today. At least we didn't have any rain and storms today. Although quite a bit last night.
Here's another shot of my finished mystery kal shawl. The name of the pattern is "Belle Haven" and I really like it. It's somewhat smaller than I would have liked and I guess I should've gone up a needle size but I still am pleased with it. I was glad that the weather was cool enough the other day that I could wear it. Just perfect for spring weather. Plus I have enough left over to make a pair of socks. The yarn is "Mandarin Lime" by Done Roving Frolicking Feet and I love this yarn. I made another pair of socks using another colorway and the yarn is great.
I'm doing another kal...the theme is "yellow" and I'm knitting socks (it's for the solidsockknitters group) and using a dk weight doubled for the pattern. I am making them for Amanda so I hope they are good and comfy. I had started another pair with them but got to the foot and decided that I just didn't like them at all. So I ripped them all out (don't read that part Amanda!) and started the new pair which are much better.
This was the original pattern that I knit but it just didn't work with this yarn. But I am definately going to make it again. Not my favorite yarn but it was the only yellow that I had. I'm trying to finish everything on the needles so I can start on my Rowan piece "Holly" I have done colorwork  before but I'm nervous about this one. I don't know if it's the large charts or the fact that this is the most I've spent on yarn for a project. I have a lovely box of Rowan felted tweed that silently reproaches me everytime I look in it's general direction. Or maybe that's just my imagination.
Did some cooking this week. This is the most delicious french toast I've ever eaten!!
It's called "sticky carmel baked french toast" from "Vegan Junk Food" and ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy. Served it with some lovely fresh sliced strawberries and it was fabulous!! I also made some of her "chicken" salad today. I haven't made one thing that hasn't been wonderful from the cookbook. I highly recommend it to anyone, vegan or not.
A few weeks ago we drove up to Dayton to HealthFood Unlimited because they have items there that they don't carry here. And it's fun to poke around. I found Tofutti's Ricotta  that I'd been looking for and bought a few containers as they were so obliging as to have it on sale! And am I glad that I did. It's really creamy and so good and here are the stuffed shells that I made using it and also some sauteed kale and made my own sauce (fancy,no?)
Okay, the laundry is done and I have to go switch the load and watch season 4 of Chuck (thanks Target for having it on sale!!).
Have a great week and keep on knitting.

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