Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finished seaming my Escape cardigan. I really like it alot. I didn't think I would like it as much as I do since these are not the colors I normally pick but it's great. So comfortable and a fun knit.
Been busy finishing some works in progress. This is the Skywalker shawl from  Mastering Knit Lace by Laura Nelkin on Craftsy.  I am now working on the second shawl-Clarus and have really enjoyed the class. I've learned alot too. This is the first shawl that I've made with lace weight and haven't made a mistake! happy dancing all around.
Had some crazy weather this week. In the 80's on Wednesday and then the storms came. Now there's a frost warning for tonight. And it's been terribly windy all week. We had some wicked hail during the storms but not as bad as a few miles away.
The hail was about dime-sized but right down the street it was ping pong ball sized. Crazy.
Got a great cookbook the other day-all about bread machine baking and have really been going all out making bread. Yesterday I made (vegan) sour cream semolina with herb swirl bread that is just fantastic! Not the best picture, but you get the idea.
Here are a few of the things that I've cooked lately.
This is a fried "egg" sandwich from "Betty Goes Vegan". It's a vegan version of the Betty Crocker cookbook and ....yum! The "egg" is tofu and it's injected with a "cheesy" sauce that mimics the yolk. Absolutely fantabulous and I grilled the bread with vegan bacon and some hash browns. Making me hungry just writing about it. Too bad I don't have any.
This is an asparagus quiche from Robin Robertson's "Party Vegan" and it's the first pie crust that I've made that I've been pleased with. I most definitely will make it again.
Maple rum glazed stuffed baked apples in the slow cooker. Need I say anything else?
And, finally, I'm working on Spectra. I am loving the colors and it's an easy knit.

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