Friday, May 24, 2013

Yes, I have shamefully neglected this blog but I'm here now.
I have been finishing up some of my wips so been knitting like crazy.
This is the Drift shawl by TinCan Knits and what a fun knit. This one is done with acrylic yarn and not blocked but I'm going to make it again in wool so it can be blocked. It should really open those cables and show them off.

These are some plain stockinette socks that I knit using leftover scraps of yarn. I think they are cute. Plus, I can use up all those little balls of yarn!
I was going to make an afghan or something out of them but decided socks were the best way to go.
Last week it was nice and warm and spent alot of time knitting at the park. Once it starts getting warmer it's nice to be able to pull under the leaves for the shade. The trees have just started filling out alot so it's nice there.  Although this weekend it will be stuffed with people so I'll give it a miss.
I've been designing some socks lately. The first pair I designed are being published in a book called "American Sock Knitting" being published by PlanetPurl.  And the pair that I designed and knit for the sample are going to be on the cover! Here's what it looks like.
I love the socks. They are worsted weight and the cables are all the way down the heel. I've made several pairs already.
Here's the pair that I'm working on now. I started these when the electric went out last fall for two days. The yarn is bright and easy to see by electric lantern. I was bored just knitting plain so started knitting different stitch patterns all along.
The next pair I'm going to make will be out of fingering weight.
I just signed up for another mystery knitalong from Craftsy ( for June. I'm looking forward to it because the designer is Laura Nelkin and I have taken several of her classes and love her designs. I enjoyed the last mystery kal that I did from them so I'm ready to knit. The fun thing about their mystery kals (knitalongs) is that they send you the yarn so you have no idea what you are going to be making or even what yarn or color you will be using.
This is the last one that I did. It's the Laera shawl by Grace Akhem.
When I first saw the yarn I thought it was pretty but wasn't sure about the pattern. But as it went on I really started to enjoy it. And the end product is quite nice. So I'm glad that I joined that one.
Okay, off to take the cinnamon coffee cake out of the oven! I probably better have a piece right away to make sure it's okay. Have a great Memorial Day!

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