Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally, the weather has broken and with it my ennui. Fancy, no? I have just been so lethargic that I 've not done anything but knit. I've hardly even wanted to cook except I do like to eat, so cooking is a necessity.
I've enjoyed these last two days...Friday was 65* and it was LOVELY! Had my first cuppa hot tea in quite some time. A nice coconut pu-erh from The Republic of Tea.
Since it's been so hot, my knitting has ramped up exponentially. Here are a few of the things that I've finished.
 This is the Blue Angel Shawl that was the July mystery knitalong from Craftsy.
 The socks are "Algernon" and I think the pattern is on Ravelry. Last year I made a sort of sock club of the year by pairing up patterns and yarn and put them in brown paper lunch bags and sealed them. This was one that I picked. Been working on them off and on for a few months.

 This is the hem of the Cornish Knit Tunic from "Indigo Knits". I am on the last several rows and then I can seam it up and finish the neckline, which is the same pattern as the hem.I had the pattern and yarn put away for several years because it looked rather intimidating at the time. Several different charts all knit at the same time. But now that I've done a few projects like that, it was surprisingly easy.
 This is the Nexus cowl (sorry about the photo-I just got a new phone and I'm not very good with it yet. Oh, who am I kidding? I take the WORST photos and always have.)
 This is Spectra and it's for sis. She loves lime green and really liked mine and I had extra of the wedge color so here it is.
I did make some things in the heat. This is a decadent cinnamon roll pie (vegan) and it was SO good that I will make it only for special occasions 'cause none of us could stay out of it!

Loot from Thursday's farmers' market. The burgundy okra is my favorite right now-used it to make quinoa/bean gumbo in the slow cooker. And it's for a small cooker so it just makes enough for about 3 servings. Which is nice.

 And the best is this...a yummy waldorf kale salad. I ate alot of salad and salad-y type dishes.
 And a yummy pizza with homemade crust and fresh basil that I grew. Lots of veggies and Daiya mozzarella "cheese". So good.
Well, I guess I did more than I thought. Bought some tv series on dvd for quite cheap and have been watching those while knitting. One of which was "Home Improvement". Forgot how cute that was.
Alright. I have Polish rye bread (with pumpkin beer and caraway seeds and shallots) in the bread machine and it's ready to take out. Enjoy the cooler weather.

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