Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finally. A post from me. The last 3 weeks have just been rather surreal since the accident. Poor Honda was totalled and towed away. Very sad. It was a 1990 but still had a life of over 100,000 miles left. Thank G-d that no one was hurt except the car. The kid's insurance company (Grange Insurance) was great to deal with from the agent calling right away to giving us a rental car for plenty of days. Took forever to decide what car to buy since we weren't in the market for one but finally got everything all taken care of and done. 
But it was just an odd feeling and nothing seemed right until it was done.
I didn't even get much knitting done for the first several days but have now gotten lots done.

These are Algernon socks that I'd been knitting on for several months. It didn't take long to finish them once I got going on them...I don't know why it took me so long to do them. The yarn is Farmhouse Yarns Fanny's Fingering weight.
Then I made this for sis...she loves crazy hats and says she loves this so I don't know if she's wearing it or not but it is crazy. 
It's the Duck Hat by Emily Ringleman and everytime I walked by it I got freaked out 'cause it looked real!
Mom wanted a mitered vest so I designed this. Used odds and ends of worsted weight acrylic that was lying around and she is really pleased with it. Wears it all the time.
 Very bright but the upside is that it goes with everything. Not too many things you can say that about.

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