Monday, March 13, 2006

So. I have both sleeves of A.'s sweater finished but I've never knitted a sweater from side to side and am a little stumped about the directions. I should have gone to the knitting group on Saturday but never got to it because had so many errands to run. I am going to the knitting group at Barnes and Noble tomorrow night for some knitting help and maybe, just maybe, I'll look at some knitting books and magazines.
Last night was stamp club and one of the members from the old stamp club joined us. I haven't made any cards in quite some time so it was fun. Hopefully the rest of us will come for the next meeting.
I didn't get any knitting done today as I have a splitting headache. I'm sure it's from all the rain and weather we've been having. It's finally going to stop raining tomorrow but going to be in the 40's. Yuck. Good thing I'm making sweaters.

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