Sunday, March 19, 2006

Whew! Finally feel good enough to sit upright and check my email. I had some kind of nasty "grunge". It must have been announcing itself with the three day headache. Now I have a little bit of a cough but my abdomen is sore and coughing is literally a pain. I have taken arnica both by mouth and topically and it has helped some. As long as I don't laugh I'm pretty good.
Went to the knitting group Tuesday night and figured out the pattern. Plus I got a new knitting magazine and Debbie Stoller's new book "Happy Hooker". Unfortunately, I haven't felt good enough to even look through either of them but I am going to do that tomorrow. Needless to say the knitting has been non-existent. I was worn out by just sitting up to have a sip of tea. But only had to lie down twice today so...woohoo! Things are looking up.

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