Sunday, September 17, 2006

So. Here's the funny thing. I couldn't post anything on here because I had sliced open my middle finger on my left hand the other day. Yesterday I got a new knife and sliced the other middle finger on my right hand. Hahaha. Not really too funny but the left one is healing nicely. At least I can now knit...although the bandaids make it kind of tricky.
I am on the second sleeve of Katie's sweater and the end is in sight. I did bring down the Noro to cast on for the Edgar scarf but so far have resisted the urge. Maybe tomorrow. It is supposed to rain all day so I can knit for awhile and then knit at art night too. We exchange our Atc's and bookmark swaps tomorrow night so that should be fun.

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nanc said...

Eep! Although I'm sure that you could figure something out if need be, but really fingers are quite necessary for knitting. So stop slicing them off. (ha ha ha) j/k Take care with those sharp knives! I recently had a quick/slight slice on the tip of my right, index finger and the bandaid was the real impairment to knitting.

Knit on!
Nanc -