Friday, October 20, 2006

I went to pick up my package from Patternworks at the post office the other day...the thrill of the package...the anticipation of opening it even though I know what's in it...oh I am excited!! So I rip open the package (in a nice, lady-like way of course) and the two patterns are great but, what's this? The needles are the WRONG size. They are supposed to be size 13 dpn's but they were 7's. Ummm, no. I repacked them and sent them back for an exchange and they were quite nice on the phone but at least I don't need them yet.
Luckily the order from Herrschnerr's was right. I ordered yarn from the catalog 'cause they were having a great sale and A. and I wanted bulky yarn for the big cardigan that is on the Lion Brand website. I ordered Bernat Softee Chunky in Burgandy for A. and Denim for me. It came to about half-price for each, which is a much better deal because it would have been over $70.00 each. And some cool Hot Socks yarn in tropical colorway for A. I am still working on my pair so it will be awhile before she gets hers. But then they will be great.

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