Saturday, November 11, 2006

Having fun making hats and scarves this week. I am finishing a hat from Lion Brand Just Hats--the Rebel Rebel. It's in WoolEase chunky in Spice and knits up really fast. I really like making cables although I can't imagine making them without a cable needle. I am still slogging along on the on the hooded coat and on Ad.'s sweater and sooner or later I will finish at least one of them. I am on the sleeves of the hooded coat so it won't be long now.

Woo hoo!! I am finally able to add pictures. Even though I don't have a digital camera and will have to have A. take photos for me at least I can add some here. This is the zigzag sweater that I made last year for Ad. I was quite pleased with how it turned out even though he wanted ribbing on it. I certainly wish that he would have told me that before I made this one. Still think it looks good though.

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