Monday, May 21, 2007

Non-knitting picture content! I also rubberstamp and do alot of mixed media pieces. This is a piece that I did for a "challenge" that a group of us "played" together. The challenge was that you got a bag of all kinds of stuff and had to make something using at least half of the things in the bag. This is mine. I enjoyed making it and probably will do some of the techniques again on something else.

Just read this on the and decided to play. Anyone that wants to be tagged you're it!

7 Random Things about Me:

1.I can't stand my hair down or on my face--it must be "scraped" back in a ponytail, no matter how severe it looks. Can't stand little flyaway bits and pieces.

2.Even though I really like coffee (hot and black), I almost always drink hot tea at home.

3.When I'm concentrating on something-like putting something together (like a vaccuum) I always have my tongue sticking out.

4.I like to fall asleep with the light on.

5.If I can't fall asleep I listen to the soundtrack from "The Blue Lagoon"...don't judge me...out like a light.

6.When I'm knitting for myself I will leave some mistakes but if it's for someone else I will tear it out and restart or go to before the mistake.

7.I love basketball...NBA. GO SPURS!!! I don't play any sports and only watch basketball and golf.

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