Monday, June 11, 2007

Haven't been on the computer much this last week but have gotten knitting done. Worked on A.'s sweater last night during the game...GO SPURS! Tonight is art night and we now have a new member. I am going to get on later tonight and post more. Okay, I'm back. We had a productive art night...everyone played with using bottlecaps for jewelry or embellishment for their artwork. I didn't knit but did get some cards made. Which is always good for the stockpile.

Explanation of last post's quote: A glass sculpture at Summerfair had some of the most beautiful glass vessels. Some of them were matte and almost looked as if they had been crumpled. A. asked the artist if she could touch one and he said "Sure, it's better than the woman who asked if she could lick my art." He told her if she bought it she could do whatever she wanted. We just thought it was very amusing.

Yesterday we went to Mariemont to listen to the carillons. It was a beautiful evening and really enjoyed it. Here is Eeyore at the carillons with his program and his venti iced soy toffee nut latte....(shhhh! don't tell's hers).

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