Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've spent the last few days mostly napping....had some kind of sinus/bug grunge. Didn't even knit for 2 days. :( Feeling alot better but still a little tired. I have however, been knitting. Finished a round dishcloth and now working on a parallelogram one that is alot of fun. I am almost finished with A.'s big sweater- just working on the second sleeve and then the hood and voila! finished. Then I'm going to make a short-sleeved cotton sweater for myself. I am going to knit it from the top down, which I haven't attempted before. I have a dvd to follow also if I get stumped.
Just a short post as we are expecting more rain...YAH... and thunderstorms. Which is why I didn't post last night as I wanted. Lots of lightening so I watched a dvd instead.

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