Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aren't they pretty? I love the yarn. Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in the color Blueberry. Not the best picture but you get the general idea.

Been busy knitting on my medallion shawl (Vogue Knitting winter 2007/2008) by Norah Gaughan for our knitting Olympics. After much tearing out and gnashing of teeth I FINALLY have gotten my "groove" on and have gotten 7 of the 15 medallions made.
I also just got an order for 5 hand-knit hats. As funky and funny as I want. Found some great patterns on Ravelry so as soon as the shawl is finished I am going to work on the hats.
Sis still hasn't gotten her car back as of today (ooops!) but supposedly tomorrow, so we'll see. Okay, I have made a pot of tea that is just fabulous. It's a splurge that I got at Williams-Sonoma and haven't had any in years. It's Mariage Freres and mmmmmm. The type is Marco Polo and just the most fragrant, flavorful,smooth tea you have ever tasted. Go there and enjoy!
And while you are having a cuppa, go to this site and drool over some YARN! Tell her I sent you.

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