Thursday, July 16, 2009

New "mug shot". It was on sale for $3.00 so it had to come home with me. Quite a deal. I think it's quite lovely and the vine motif is on the inside as well. Won a prize from from Barbra Bretton. 2 skeins of this yarn. Isn't it lovely?
I have to find the perfect project for them. Also got a nice canvas tote and magnet and bookmark. Fun contest!

Went to a farmers market (gee, what a surprise!) and got some of the loveliest swiss chard. So fresh that it had a slug on a piece....arrrrrrrrrrgggghhh! But rinsed off and cooked into a wonderful "frittatta" and it's good. Also made up some crispy kale 'cause Amanda and I can't stay out of it. Just delicious.

Here's where I went Sunday evening. Well, Amanda and mom and I went to listen to the carillions. Amanda was nice enough to drive and they were so nice. I really enjoy listening to them and the weather was wonderful. It's supposed to be in the 70*s this weekend (unheard of for this time of year here) and they will be playing some Bach, which is my favorite so maybe we'll get to go down again on Sunday.

They have it every Sunday at 7:00 pm and on holidays in the afternoon and it's just a fun thing to do on a warm summer evening. If we plan ahead this time I'll pack some dinner for us to eat at the park. Plus knitting can be done since it's at least an hour long so it's nice to settle in and knit and enjoy some relaxing music.
I made some coconut sweet curry "ice cream" today and am going to make some apple pie "ice cream" tomorrow. Yum.

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Robin said...

I like that mug! Love GREEN and the vines!