Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, here's how my day went. Poor oven door. I was baking some muffins for mom and when I went to get them out...boom. Door fall down. Ever try to catch a hot oven door. I did. Unfortunately it was too warm to catch and it fell right on the floor. Then it went end over end and looked like it was chasing mom. Lovely. "Mug shot" of the day. I got this last winter but still a favorite. Right now filled with Tazo tea BerryBlossom White. Very tasty. And it's cool out so hot tea tastes good.

Been having a cool spell these past few days and boy, does it feel good. Stood and watched the fireflies in the yard for awhile. That's one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Just watch it get dark out and seeing all the sparkles lighting up the yard.
This is a pair of socks that I'm making for a friend. The yarn is Katia Mississppi 3 and the pattern is Hawaiin Leis.

Here is my first attempt at knitting with wire and beads. Not too shabby. At least to me!

I think that I will make another but will definately use 26 gauge wire. I used it about 1/2 way through then switched to 24. I thought it was the same but I was wrong. A little harder to knit with and the 26 just looks a little neater.

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