Saturday, September 05, 2009

Here's my completed socks! Just your basic Yarn Harlot pattern 'cause I can knit them in the car. I figure the yarn is busy enough that it doesn't need any fancy pattern. The yarn is Opal...something and they are very soft.
The weather is getting a little cooler. Well, not this week but last week it was quite nice. In the 40*s at night. Aaaahhhh. I like the end of the seasons when it's time to start changing clothes from shorts to capris/pants and fall outfits. Doesn't look like anytime soon but it's coming!
Here are my finished Flame wristlets. I really,really like them despite the annoyance of the Mini Mochi. The colors are vibrant and should be nice and warm.
Fraternal but still the same!
A pair of socks that I made for mom. They are Paton's Astra -a sport weight- and she is quite pleased with them. It's an honor to get to knit things for her. She has always encouraged us and told us that we can do anything we set our minds to. Any kind of craft or art that we were interested in, she would buy us whatever we needed to get started and basic tools that were needed. So thanks mom! and enjoy your socks.

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