Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I really enjoy when the weather turns cooler and I can wear my cool hand-knit socks and my Birks! Man, these socks are BRIGHT! You can see my feet before you see me...teehee.We've had enough rain that the flowers still look lovely and full.
Been really knitting away on *shhhhh* projects but finished my first shawl. It was a chunky weight yarn on size 13's (yuck....I really don't like knitting on needles bigger than 7's but the knitting sure does fly). Only took me a few days to knit this. I probably could've finished it alot sooner but only worked on it when I was in bed and couldn't sleep.
Here is mom's back while she is the shawl-model! I think it came out quite nicely. She likes it too.
Had a few nice, sunny days but supposed to rain tomorrow and get cooler. I suppose fall is here.
I can't believe that my 30 year high school reunion is this weekend. Some days it seems like just yesterday that I was in high school and then at other times it seems like forever ago. I wonder how many people are coming? I went to a large school and our graduating class had over 750 in it. I bet not that many are going to show!
Well, back to knitting.

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