Friday, October 23, 2009

Lookie here. It's fall! Well, at least it was until we had the gloomy,rainy day all day. But maybe the wind won't blow all the leaves off the trees.But the trees that have turned are gorgeous. Although it's hard to drive when you have to keep looking at the trees!
I love this color...I'd love to have some yarn this color. Although I love the Aspen gold also. Oooooh, I bet a mix would be stunning.
On the knitting front here is what I finished last night. Another shawl. This one is made from Lion Brand's Jiffy (a bulky weight) and is the Easy Triangle shawl. Knit on size 13's (ick!) and used almost 3 skeins. The color is Blush and much lighter than it shows. But nice and warm and it will be used tomorrow. Supposed to have a cold snap and be ...well, rather fall-like. I would like to find a nice pin or something to close the wrap so I will have to keep an eye out.
Since it was non-conducive to being outside today I baked some things. This is actually from last week. They are French Toast doughnuts with maple glaze and cinnamon sugar topping. I couldn't find a mini-doughnut pan so used a mini-bundt pan instead. They are sooooooooooooooo good. Well, they were so good. I put them in the icing when they were still hot and all the glaze absorbed into the doughnut and they got all soft and "sqooshy". I haven't had a doughnut in years and these definately were worth the wait.
Today I made nutty oatmeal raisin cookies and a great cranberry-apple crisp that is very fitting with the fall theme! Had a piece of that with some Cranberry Autumn tea from Harney and Sons and mmmmmm. So good.

This is what I had for breakfast. Looks kinda gross but the picture doesn't do it justice. It's Kale Florentine over toast points. It is just delicious. Sauteed kale in a "cheesy" sauce over a grainy bread with a tomato slice underneath the kale. Baked in the oven until hot and bubbly. It was a superlative breakfast!
Last Sunday I went to the yarn market that is put on by the Middletown Knitters' Guild. Last year it was at the last minute and smaller than the year before but still I found some great yarn at good sale prices. And they had knitters to teach and help; as well as a knitting "doctor". Plus some fun show and tell and an antique sock knitting machine. And the best apple cider that I've had in a long time. And cookies... but nothing for this poor vegan
But this year. Bah. I was extremely disappointed. They moved it to Middletown, which was fine, except it was much farther than the directions would lead you to believe. Once we got there and walked in (no sign until you actually were at the door) the woman that was manning the door prize entries was not particularly friendly. I was rather surprised because all the other years everyone was really nice. Maybe she was having an off day. There were only 3 vendors there with very small tables. Didn't find any yarn but did score with a pattern that I have wanted to order for a few years. It's called the Swirl scarf/shawl and was the only one left. Woot! And only $4.00. Which was a way better deal than the $6.00 in the catalog. That also didn't include the $8.00 shipping! For one pattern. It was almost a better deal to buy the kit. But now I have the pattern. I bought yarn for it awhile ago but, duh, it's the wrong weight. Geeze. It is knit with a fingering weight but I bought a lace weight. Do you think I can go down a needle size or two and use that yarn?

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Lynda said...

French toast doughnuts - YUMMM
I love the soudn of cheesy Kale too.

Here it's wet and very windy - I need a dry day to get in the garden and tidy up...oh well, more excuse to knit and read:)