Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am sick of hot weather!! It's 90* here and that is just ridiculous for this time of year. I am ready for cool days and cold nights, steaming bowls of homemade soup, making some bread, a lovely cup of cranberry-orange tea or some hot apple cider and woolen knit projects. That being said, I am tired of everything that is on my needles. I can't work on the shawl because it's half wool and so hot piled up on my lap that I just sweat thinking about it.
I'm working on a sweater and have finished the back and am now on the sleeve but it seems to be going nowhere. *sigh*
In honor of the eventual cooler weather, here is my lovely yarn for some fingerless mitts. Now to find the perfect pattern.
Last week when it was actually cooler I did a little baking. This are individual ramekins of pear crisps from "Vegan Comfort Cooking" and they are very good.
And these are my first attempt at making my own pie crust. Eh. I think next time I'll use unbleached white flour instead of wheat but pretty good. They are shaped like pumpkins but are filled with apples. The mold I got last year at William-Sonoma and it's just cute.
I really want some Star Wars pancake molds but since I've been eyeing a tofu press more that will be my next cooking purchase.

The press( www.tofuxpress.com) is actually very useful since piling up pots and cast iron skillets ontop of tofu to press it can be a very precarious situation. I can't tell you how many times I've looked up to see my tower of pans sliding right off. So that will be useful.
Okay. Off to work on the sweater.

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