Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New mug! It's lovely and nice and thick. It was finally cool enough to want to have an entire pot of tea so I celebrated by getting a new mug. The only drawback is the copper panel in the front makes it non-microwavable. But I really don't reheat tea and NEVER coffee so it shouldn't be a problem.Here is the sock that I am working on in the car.
About 1/2 finished with the second one. But I'm busy with other projects so it is rather slow going on this one right now.
Some more park pictures.
This is the station for the toy train that ran around overhead and you could go into a "station house" and start the train going.
These are pictures of the tree house that all the kids were playing on and climbing around.

It's too bad I was too big 'cause it really looked like fun!!

This is a walkway that was continually spraying water as you walked through. I didn't go through as I was wearing Birkenstocks and I didn't want to get them wet.
More soon.

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