Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HOT!!!! It's about 90* right now at noon and going up to about 95* with the heat index of around 110*. Yuck. It's so humid and thick out that you can't even catch your breath when you go outside. Which I am not doing at all.
I have dvds and knitting to keep me quiet and cool-ish. Sometimes I think it would be cooler to go down into the basement and lie down on the concrete floor! Kals still going strong. This is BFF from Cookie A's book "Knit.Sock.Love." and I'm doing a knitalong with the Ravelry group of the same name. I love the yarn's Done Roving Frolicking Feet in the colorway "Christmas Cactus". So pretty. And a very easy pattern.

Finished these socks. They are "Aphrodite" but I can't get the link to work. They are on Ravelry and a good knit. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Silk and it shows the stitches very well. I don't have much else to write because the weather is just so gross that you don't even want to move for fear of sticking to the floor 'cause it is melting! teehee.

Off to have some iced tea (a gallon or so) and knit some socks. Stay cool!!

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Laura S. Wijkowski said...

The socks are gorgeous...I will have to get that Aphrodite pattern and use my new purple yarn! I think it will look fabulous!