Monday, September 12, 2011

Mmmmm. Lunch. Raw "dinosaur" kale with sliced peaches and strawberries. So good. We had been having much cooler weather but it warmed up into the 80*s again so salads are on the menu.
Finished these plain
socks for mom. Didn't really need any pattern since they are so colorful. I knit them when I'm riding in the car so it takes a little longer sometimes. But it's supposed to be cooler by the end of the week so she can wear them then. As well as the cardigan that I have been slogging along these past few weeks. I am thrilled that she wanted something handknit and happy to make it for her....but it seems like it's miles and miles of garter stitch. Yawn. Plus it's knit with the sleeves and back all in one piece so it seems to take foooorrrrevvverrrr to get across a line. But I've finished the back and halfway through one of the fronts so not long now! Woohoo.
My new new to me rocking chair. Isn't it lovely? I have wanted one for years but having dachshunds and cats really wasn't conducive to rockers. No more animals :( but a rocker to enjoy. Amanda was having a yard sale a few weeks ago with a few of her friends and this is one of the pieces of furniture that her friend brought. I got it for $10.00 and quite a deal. I think it's oak and it is very solid and comfortable. Amanda also got a lovely wing chair and table so I think she got stuff out and brought stuff in! But nice furniture. Just brought it home so rocking tonight...teehee. Praise Jesus for providing it for me.

Loot! I entered an anniversary contest on www.200shawlproject.blogspot.comand was one of the lucky winners. A fabulous shawl/scarf pattern and enough yarn (yummy,yummy,luscious yarn) to make it, plus lots of goodies. A beautiful handpainted canvas bag, some Chibi needles (sweet!) and a portable Ott light,which I can't wait to use. I can't wait to knit it up.
But I have to finish up some other projects first.
Okay. Off to have some coconut-lime tea (hot) and knit and rock.

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