Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here's my Christmas present to myself!
I "loves" me some Hello Kitty.
Been busy knitting and making food to freeze for Christmas. This year I'm making lots of appetizers and just pulling some out of the freezer and making them as wanted. I figured that it would be alot easier to have everything made ahead and reheat.
I made some things that I've wanted to try and thought this would be a good time to have some. Worked with puff pastry for the first time and can't wait until it's time to have some. I did make some lovely sugar/cinnamon nuts that I cannot stay out of at all! Actually, this is the second batch I've made since ....well, ate the first batch. Don't judge!'s the holidays. Yeah, that's it.
They are worsted weight and made them for the Solidsockknitters group on Ravelry for the December theme, which is "Blue".
They were a really fast knit and other than changing the heel and toe (the directions were incorrect for the ones listed) they were fun to knit.
These are some "Sugar Plum" scones that were in the current issur of "VegNews" magazine. Also the recipe for those mean, awful nuts...teehee. And some peppermint bark that I made yesterday. The scones were really good. Rather soft and cakey, which is a nice change from some of those dry scones.
This was just a quick post since I've been knitting for a contest. I'll see you all soon and hope everyone has a blessed and happy Christmas.

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