Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been busy trying to catch up on the mystery shawl knitalong! The 4th clue was just released and I'm still working through the 3rd clue. But 2 more rows and then I can start on the last clue! 
It got to go to the park today for awhile.
It's been ridiculously hot here this week. Yesterday it was 86* and it broke a record. Just crazy. I was not ready for spring yet, much less this kind of heat. I still wanted cold and dark nights and one good snowstorm that closed everything for about 2 days. Certainly not shorts and sandals. And I was not ready to stop wearing my handknit socks :(
Here's something that is not knitted. Bought a few denim shirts on clearance and added some embroidery on one of them. I'm corss stitching on the other and am really enjoying it. I love to cross stitch. Have so many huge pieces on the walls so often did alot of jackets and clothes.

Made some stuffed shells the other day and used the new Tofutti ricotta cheese in the filling. Absolutely delicious. Added some sauteed kale and made my own tomato sauce. I will definately be using the ricotta again.
Just monkey-ing around here.
Okay. Off to finish the clue 3. Have a great night all.

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