Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where,oh where did the time go and how did it go so fast? I would have sworn that it wasn't that long between posts but I was wrong.
Let's see....what went on this week. Went to the farmers' market again and this was the only one that had garlic scapes again. Don't know why they have them but was glad to find them. And some lovely radishes that are just tasty. Also bought a loaf of salted rye bread that was delicious. I'm glad I stocked up because I can't imagine that I'll be going this weekend as it's supposed to be in the 90*s with the heat index of 100-105*. Yuck. Good knitting weather since I'm not going outside! I went to the library and stocked up on dvd's and have some serious project knitting to do. I am trying to finish my "Gothic Spire" socks from Cookie A.'s "Knit.Sock.Love." book because they've been on the needles since December. Disgraceful! I think it's the yarn. I started two other sock patterns with it and ended up tearing them out. But the first one is done and I'm moving right along on the other. Finally. They were difficult at first but I've gotten the hang of the pattern so I'm going to try and finish them this weekend.
I really like them though and they are comfortable. I won't be needing them for months though!
Here's a pair that I finished for mom. They are just my basic sock pattern for 64 stitches and I usually knit on them in the car or when I'm watching the NBA games....Go Spurs!!
Cooked the other day and made an absolutely wonderful seitan "gyros" meat. I will most definately make it again. Just delicious. I got the recipe from the latest issue of "VegNews" and highly recommend it to anyone, vegan or not.

Speaking of's past dinnertime and my stomach is growling so I'm off to forage for dinner. Have a great weekend and keep knitting.

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