Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yes, it's me. Sorry that I've been missing on this blog but had a cruddy couple of weeks. Better now, Praise Jesus! so here I am...better late than never I suppose.
Well, as you saw on the photo on the last post I did finish the Mojo socks for Amanda. I liked the yarn but not for the this particular pattern. I didn't really enjoy this pattern but it was probably the yarn, not the pattern. But sis likes them so that's the important thing. Lime green is her favorite color so they are a hit.
Just found out today that I won a sweater kit from It's called the See it Designed, Win the Sweater kit contest and the sweater is this: I can't wait to see the kit!
Haven't gotten a great deal of knitting done but finished this:
It's called "Charlie's Moebius" (on Ravelry) and I made it for mom. It used a dk and fingering weight held together and came out cute. She likes it. I didn't figure that she would ever like long cowls/moebius' but she really does. I've made her a few and I'm always glad to make her some. I like to make things for people, especially when they really want something.
Right now I'm knitting some socks and trying to finish a "Swiss Cheese" scarf made with Kauni yarn. I splurged and bought a skein of it (656 yds so you get alot for your money) and when I started the project I discovered that it was full of broken ends and pieces kind of stuffed into the center of the ball. Needless to say, I was disappointed but was going to tie each one together gently and soldier on. I went to the Kauni group on Ravelry to post a comment and see if anyone else had ever had that happen and was pleasantly surprised to see that the rep for the yarn company sent me a message expressing her apologies and an offer to send me a free skein to replace it. I was very impressed with that as I didn't expect anything but a comment or two. Certainly didn't do it with the expectation of getting more yarn. I will definately buy more of this yarn if this is the calibre of the company.
New mug!

This is some pineapple not so fried rice from "Chloe's Kitchen". A great cookbook.
Okay, have to get going now. Have a great week and stay cool!

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