Saturday, December 01, 2012

Seriously? Where did the time go to ? Been a crazy few weeks and sometimes the days just seem to run together. But I have gotten some projects knitted.
This is called "The Age of Brass and Steam" from Ravelry and it's a little shawlette.

I made it using the Rambling Rose yarn (Eggplant color) that I won and it's so soft and the color variation is just lovely. I had a little left over but not enough to make it any bigger, which is a pity. I have several shawlettes but am trying to make them bigger as I knit new ones.
This is a knitalong that I'm doing right now from Jen Lucas' Knitting Like Crazy group on Ravelry. It's a mystery shawl and I'm really enjoying it. Plus, she gave options to make it bigger so I'm going for that. Because I have a lot of yarn left over.
I used this color because I had it in my stash for something else. I am on a yarn embargo diet for awhile because last week the car had to go to the mechanic and got itself a lovely new radiator, timing belt, waterpump and various other sundry bits and pieces and over $700.00 later--voila! Quite a crimp in the yarn cookbooks extra budgets. But it's cheaper than a car payment and it runs great.
Here is the other project I finished. It's a cape from Vogue Knitting and I love the buttons.


The color is off but it's a lovely burgundy color with cables down the front and a center cable down the back.
Okay. I have to go and run an errand but I will be back with more.

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