Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sorry about not posting for so long. I just couldn't seem to get up enough interest to be on the computer, much less post on here. But here I am so hopefully I can make it up to you. If there's actually anyone out there reading this. Hope everyone had a great holiday.
Yesterday we had some nasty weather (as I'm sure many did). Lots of ice on the driveway,which was then covered with snow. Shoveling the drive was like mowing the lawn with the lawnmower strapped to your back! So tired afterward that I didn't care that we had some more snow on top of it. I got the rest of it scraped off today. But I certainly did enjoy putting on my jimjams and wobie and making a very large pot of tea after I came in. Nothing better than slippers and knitting and a hot cuppa on a windy, freezing cold night.

Been doing alot of cooking. Seems like it's such a cozy thing to have the slow cooker running and making the whole house smell so good. Today I made braciole-style stuffed eggplant from "Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker'' by Robin Robertson and it's just fabulous.
These are bierocks -a German style stuffed bun, filled with tempeh and sauerkraut that you then bake right in the bun.
The recipe is from "Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day" which I love 'cause lately I really like sandwiches. I never did that much but this book has so many different choices that I can't get enough.
This is a vegan "cheese" which is a brie with mushrooms and truffle oil. This is the blog that has the recipe on it and I have made quite a few of the cheeses from her book. I first found them in the cheese issue of VegNews and sooooo good. Who knew that vegan cheese could be so good. I need to make some more so I think the next batch will be the "emmanthaler" which is like a swiss cheese. Although...the mushroom truffled brie was so fabulous that I may have to  make that again.
The knitting has been going full blast. I made an oversized cabled vest (the pattern is on the Plymouth site) and a bunch of socks and some gloves.
These are the Put-it-all-together gloves from "Kristin Knits". I love to make her patterns, so much fun.
I also did a mystery shawl knitalong with the KnitLike Crazy group on Ravelry. Alot of fun and the first lace shawl I've made without a mistake. Woohoo!
I would've liked to have blocked it with points but I'm not that great at blocking yet. I really like the pattern though and would make it bigger next time. I did make this one bigger though- it's about 63" by 21" or something close to that. Very  enjoyable.
Okay. The laundry is finished so I will run down and hang it up. Have a great night and stay warm.

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