Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well, I tried to download photos from the computer and then blog from my tablet but that was a big ole bust. Couldn't get it to work the way I wanted. I suppose that I'll have to blog first, then attach the photos.
Here are some things that I've finished knitting since I've last blogged. The gloves are the Sebastion gloves by Kristin Nichols and they are great. So much fun to knit (loves me some cables)  and there are several variations to make. I will more than likely make another pair also.
The socks are "Gimli" by Claire Ellen on Ravelry and I knit those for the January kal for the SolidSockKnitters group. I had never knit a yellow pair of socks before but I love them. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock yarn, which I really like to knit with, and I think the pattern really shows well. The cables are knit through the back loop so they really stand out.
Not much has been happening around here lately. The weather has been off and on-freezing cold and icy and then 50*. Crazy. On the days when it's not raining,snowing, freezing rain/sleet, then it's too cold to want to go out.
A few Sundays ago we went down to one of the indoor farmer's markets to see what was in stock. Rather disappointing though. The one booth was sold out of whatever greens they brought and not alot else. I was going to buy some heritage beans but they were $8.00-10.00 a pound. Now, I realize the price is about normal for those ( I looked it up online) but that was somewhat more than I was willing to pay. Got some all natural lavender lip balm and some vegan lavender cookies/graham crackers. They are good...different, but good. I want to go to the Loveland Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoon one week 'cause it looks like they have more booths. I miss going to the market every week. I always got such great bunches of greens there. Well, I guess summer will be here soon enough.
Here are a few things that I've been cooking.
The buns are called 50/50 buns and they are absolutely the most delicious hamburger buns ever. I got the recipe from "American Vegan Kitchen" by Tamasin Noyes and they were so easy. I was amazed.


The cake is a blueberry bundt cake from "Happy Herbivore Abroad" and it has no oil in it. I really like her cookbooks because they are quite easy to make and low-fat and mostly no oil. I've made alot of her recipes and they are great.
The soup is Drunken noodle soup with mushrooms. I don't know what makes it drunken -maybe the jalapeno's- but it was excellent! The recipe is in "Chloe's Kitchen" by Chloe Coscarelli. (Yes, I own alot of cookbooks....I can't really make anything without a recipe. Usually it is cruddy.) The simple roasted broccoli is the best way to have broccoli ever....of course, the broccoli soup is also fabulous. So hard to decide which to make.

These are the bacon-cheddar meatloaves from "Betty Goes Vegan" by Annie and Dan Shannon. I know I say this alot but this is a FABULOUS cookbook. I've read some comments by people about it and the main complaint is that it's heavy on the mock meat products. Well, yeah, but it's based on Betty Crocker's book and it was mostly meat. Yes, it has alot of that but you can always substitute beans or tofu or tempeh for most of it. There are a few that can't be substituted -like the vegan shrimp product by May Wah (which can't be found anywhere around here :( ) but there are so many other recipes that I don't think it'll be a hardship.
Okay, I have some chili in the slow cooker and it's ready to eat so I'm off to have dinner. Have a great weekend.

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