Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh poor neglected blog. I know I have been very bad about posting but honestly, it has been quite boring here the last month and why should I inflict all that boring on you?
Cold and overcast today. At least we didn't get the 2-5" of snow that was forecast for today. Odd weather-60* yesterday and so cold today. Ran to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things and the newspaper and came right home. Brewed a pot of nice, hot tea and read the paper and had a lovely breakfast.

Now I am going to seam together my Escape cardigan by Cheryl Beckerich and I love it. The yarn is so yummy and the colorway is fantastic. It isn't a color that I would normally choose but once I started knitting it up I really fell in love with it. Cheryl Beckerich is really nice. I won this kit from back in June '12 and have had it in my pile of things to knit. But getting Christmas knitting finished and kals put it aside for longer than I had intended. I grabbed it in February and cast on. I figured that it would make an excellent spring/fall sweater. A lovely, fast knit and I'm moving right along until 2 weeks ago. I knit the back and both sleeves ....lalalaalaaa I'll have this done by the time the weather warms up some.....oh. pride before the fall! I started on the left front and kept eyeing the skeins I had left and began to worry that I wasn't going to have enough. So I emailed Cheryl and the Scarlet Fleece to ask if I should be running out of yarn. Cheryl mailed me back instantly and said I should've had 8 skeins of yarn in the kit. Turns out I had 7. Thankfully she had one skein knocking around her place and she priority mailed it to me this week. I was only 9" from the end and was happy to pay for it but she was wonderful and helped me out. The owner of the Scarlet Fleece emailed me right away also to tell me to email Cheryl also. Very helpful and I love her patterns. The yarn came yesterday and I pulled out my (new) trusty nostepinne and wound it up and finished it off. All I have to is the 3-needle bind off on the shoulders, seam it and block it! I can't wait to wear it. Here's a picture of the yarn knit up as the back.
Also knit this for mom. It's called the "Bobble Cowl" and it's a free pattern on Red Heart's website.

She really likes cowls now and has a little collection of them. This was done with SuperSaver yarn and a fast knit.
Here's the last snow we had last week inbetween the 50* days, We had about 3 1/2" and it melted off the driveways and walks by the next day. It was a wet, heavy snow that snapped power lines in some areas but it sure was pretty on the trees, bushes, etc.
Okay, I have to go and get the tea. I'm off to seam my cardigan but will post a picture of the finished sweater soon. Stay warm.

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